Feb. 3rd, 2010

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- Bart, Young Justice: Special #1

You guys know that I absolutely adore Young Justice and (more specifically) Impulse, right? It was the most fun DC Comics has had with a series in ages.

So when a DA friend, Aeolus06 shared a link this morning, I was overjoyed.

Young Justice League Animated Series on the Horizon? [Newsarama.com]

Apparently, a voice actress leaked a part she was recording for a new DC animated series in the works on her personal blog. The entry has since been taken down. :D Stephanie Lemelin blogged that she’s voicing Arrowette in an upcoming "Saturday morning cartoon" called Young Justice League. Oh yeah, she also posted an image of the character (seen at the Newsarama link) that she claimed was concept art for the series.

In a less-certain-sounding unidentified source, the starting cast has been listed as:
- Arrowette
- Impulse
- Superboy/Kon-El
- Nightwing
- Martian Girl
- Aqualad

Now, those last two were certainly never members of the team in the YJ comic (due to being a different generation set), and I hold onto the hope that some sort of name/TV licensing issue has them calling Tim!Robin Nightwing for this series. Which would give the Robin/Superboy/Impulse original founders of Young Justice thing. Anita Fite/Empress (Isn't her name just awesome? I-need-a-fight. XD) came into the comic later, so 'm not too worried about her inclusion yet. I just worry that the bat-family YJL member may not be Tim, and I see no Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandsmark or Secret listed there.

To get a feel for the original comic series, I have a bunch of quotes from the Impulse and Young Justice comics posted here.

I know this could turn out horrible, but I'm excited anyways.

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