Mar. 29th, 2010

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Ya'll. I am exhausted. I'm working 50+ hour work weeks, and helping staff Anime Conji coming up here shortly. This weekend we had a staff meeting and did inventory on some supplies provided by the Conjecture convention staff. I should never have to make a list of the contents of a box that includes: 5 plastic rats, 15 bouncy ball eyeballs, 1 package of spam, 4 jello molds, 4 bags confetti, 1 rubber heart, 4 rope lights, 1 unused starbucks cup(grande), 2 markers, 19 washers, and a shitload of binder clips. O_o I will be staffing for both the Artist Alley and the Art Show, and I'll be a lead panelist for a Shoujo panel and a Japanese Mythology panel (I expect to be sharing the rough draft outline & power point for the panels Friends-Only on LJ on sometime this week.)

Stress aside, I am excited about it.

Speaking of Anime Conji.
San Diego, CA. April 9th to 11th.
You coming?

Our Guest of Honor is Wendee Lee, English-language voice actress of Faye Valentine(Cowboy Bebop), Konata Izumi(Lucky Star), Tatsuki Arisawa & Yoruichi Shihoin(Bleach), Miho Karasuma(Witch Hunter Robin), Umi Ryuuzaki(Magic Knights Rayearth), Haruhi Suzumiya(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Kagero(Ninja Scroll), Beast Princess Senes(Scrapped Princess), Yahiko Myojin(Rurouni Kenshin), Chai Xianghua(Soul Caliber), and more. (She has 30 years of voice acting experience.)

The Battle of the Bands will be going on Saturday April 10th with Mandy Mefford, Robert Biehn, Stephanie Yanez, The Black Crystals, Allison Longsdale, and Steam Powered Giraffe.

There will be Pirate Rum Parties and Mochi Maid Cafe on Friday & Saturday, a Poolside Ice Cream Social/Meet the Guests on Friday night, a Gothic Lolita Vampire Ball on Saturday night, a Harajuku Fashion Show on Sunday, and much more.

Attendee Pricing:
At the Door Rates:
3-Day Pass: $50.00
Friday-Only Pass: $20.00
Saturday-Only Pass: $30.00
Sunday-Only Pass: $20.00
Discounted Full Weekend Rates:
Child 5 and under: Free
Child between 6-14: $1.00 per year old
High school student/faculty: $20.00
College school student/faculty: $25.00
Military w/ ID: $30.00
Libarians/library staff w/ ID: $30.00

Note: We will be needing volunteers (general purpose helpers a.k.a. gofers).
It works like this:
4 hours of volunteer work: 1 day Anime Conji pass.
10 hours of volunteer work: full weekend (3 day) Anime Conji pass.
Hours can be used for passes to either this year's AC, or next year's, but not both.
You can volunteer during the convention, and/or we will need a few helpers setting up Thursday night starting around 7pm.

(Also, I just heard this Sunday that we've confirmed our GOHs and hotel for 2011. It's going to be nice. Bigger hotel, another huge VA star GOH, and Steam Powered Giraffe will be our musical GOH.)

P.S. Why are there no cute plushies of Toothless? I want to go watch How To Train Your Dragon again. <3

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