Apr. 26th, 2010

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Oh fer cripes sakes.
Art's not online for five hours and...

I am ranting. Feel free to just skip ahead to the drawing at the end.

I get it. I would love a straight Young Justice cartoon version. But with names all tied up in existing TV franchises, a straight, true-to-the-original-comic ain't gonna happen. Even without copyright, YJ is full of absurd puns ("I am Mighty Endowed!" "What's her power?" "She... She has huge tracts of land!") and is more than a little dated ("Hanson Bites!"). I love it, but I know they have to update it for new audiences, heck, they have to update it for TV audiences.
The irrational hate for a series that only has a promo poster thus far because it is not an exact carbon copy of the original enrages me to no end. It's generally accepted that the animated universe is completely separate from the comics universe. They are different. Enjoy each for what it is.

I love Bart. I make no secret of the fact that he is my absolute favorite superhero. The rest of the Young Justice team usually follows close behind. And much as I love Bart, the Bart-fanbase annoys the shit out of me. I get along great with Flash fans, but the Bart-fans... *throttles*

Yes, he was fun as Impulse. He was not "completely ruined" or thrown "out of character" when he became Kid Flash. Get the hell over that. I like Bart as KF. I like Bart as Impulse. I like the idea of Bart as Flash, although the execution lacked a bit in expressing what I felt was at the core of the character. I still happily brag that Bart was the strongest speedster in the DCU until this recent nonsensical ret-con of the Speed Force originated with Barry. Two DCU speedsters, speedsters that run with him, pre-date Barry. So that's all manner of WTF.

I would also appreciate the yaoi fandom getting the hell away from YJ. They're kids! Why the heck are you slashing children!? CREEPERS. (I do not have a problem with yaoi or shonen-ai. There are certain ships I am quietly supportive of. But I do not get along with this crap directed at children. Pedophilia is still pedophilia, ya'll.) These yaoi fangirls tend to be the most vocal against Kid Flash!Bart. I don't even understand that. He's older more mature, and evidently no longer as slash-able because he shows canon interest in girls? Which would require you to ignore his canon crushes on Carol and Rose from his Impulse days. Whatevs.
I don't "ship" superheroes. I read stories about heroes and epic camaraderie. STEP OFF.

The only thing I share with the raging hate going about, is a very mild concern about the identities of two of the heroes. I wonder if the green-outfitted, blonde-haired gal is meant to be a take on the original YJ's Arrowette or a version of the Amazon, Artemis. And then I wonder if the green-eyed and red-haired Kid Flash is supposed to be Bart Allen or Wally West. The physical description matches Wally, the team appears to match Bart (brown hair and gold eyes).

Even if the characters aren't who I hope they are, I am STILL excited about the show, because it's GregFUCKINGWeisman, of whom I love his work.

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