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Okay. So Dragon*Con room arrangements look good. Somehow I'd gotten the impression a couple more people had planned to crash in my room, which would've been problematic. Mostly the same crew as last year, with an upgrade to include Enju/My Chair-i-cuffs protege/the King of Denmark/resident Heino-expert/Russell. Same rules/warnings/blah-blah-blah as last year are going to carry over.

Honestly, you guys already know this stuff.
  • ElfGrove's Official Roommate Rules and Advice Article.
  • Be aware that the room will be used as a meet-up area as often as I can force people into seeing me. I am coming all the way from SoCali for a reason other than geek-stock. We will try to keep extended hang out times in lobby areas or local bars though, because I know everybody costumes.
  • Except for Masquerade. I'm drinking and watching that shit on DCTV from the room, for the LAWLZ. Assuming I'm not watching a football game at a bar somewhere nearby.
  • Expect drinking and alcohol to be present in the room. You're all legal. I'm good with guests in the room. However, overnight guests must be approved by the entire room, and do not bring minors into the room without making sure everyone knows its a minor. (I mean it, loud announcement upon entry.) If you don't tell us, when I find out --AND I WILL, I get to write a sign across their forehead with whatever make-up I see fit informing the world they are under 21. There shall be no underage drinking in the room.
  • There shall be NO illegal drugs in the room. Not that I'm concerned.
  • I'm checking in on Thursday afternoon, and I check out on Tuesday. This means the room will probably become temporary storage space for friends checking-out-but-not-leaving-con-yet on Monday, I've been there before. I do welcome any friend (prior room arrangements or not) to crash with me Monday night and hang out an extra night before I fly out on Tuesday. I'm footing the bill for Monday night regardless.

I'm in the final steps of working on Dragon*Con cosplays. I have got to procrastinate less next year.

Worm Hooks/Sticks [Dune]
-- Don't worry Brooke, running a little later than planned, but I've worked out all the tricky stuff now, so it will be finished in plenty of time.
- Buy more threaded pipe (read: I suck)
- Glue hooks and model ends.
- Sand.
- Paint.
- Add leather wraps.
Steampunk Swan Maiden
- Returning costume, just need to wash and re-pack.
Lady Blackhawk/Zinda Blake
- Make front jacket flap.
- Make blackhawk logos.
- Buy wig.
Blue Spirit [Avatar: The Last Airbender]
- I am possibly doing the fanciest version of this costume possible, because I'm stupid.
- Finish leg and arm guards.
- Make sheath sling.
- Make sash.
- Make mask.
- Paint sheath caps gold (when dry).

Painted & did sword hilt wrapping this weekend as well as making the sheath from scratch. The double sheath started as nothing. Nada. Praise me! ♥~ :3
Jihl Nabaat [FF13]
- Take in shirt & vest.
- Add snaps to jacket.
- Modify shoes.
- Modify belt.
- Modge Podge & paint baton.
- Make baton sling.
- Paint logo on armband.
- Make red mini tie-thing.
- Make armor.
- Add EL wiring. (May not do EL wiring in time for D*Con--final step.)

TaDa! Baton is drying!

It's a long list, but nothing really outside of my skill range left to do, so I'm actually feeling good about it. Tonight I will either pick up the pipes and finish the worm hook base construction, or will do the first stage of the Blue Spirit mask. (I killed a lot of time this weekend trying to do things for the worm hooks that just didn't work.) I've gotta do those two things this week to ensure they have enough drying time.

Psst. Cosplayers. Does anyone have a blonde wavy/curly wig around shoulder length or a little longer that they be willing to sell me? I can pick one up easy enough, but if anyone has one they'd like to sell for cheaper than I can get it new, I'd rather do that.


Anyhoo. In other convention news.

I'm going to BotCon 2011! ♥ Going just to chill with Silas and his buddies and to help man his art table so he can attend panels.

Anime Conji has officially signed the venue contract for 2011. We'll be in the Town & Country on March 25-27th. I am officially the head of the Artist Alley for 2011, and will be assisting the Exhibitor's Hall head. With day and venue locked in, we'll probably be measuring spaces and calculating table numbers in the next two meetings. [livejournal.com profile] xaynie they definitely want you to do an EGL panel for 2011, and as a panelist, you'll get a free con badge.
Our maid cafe is apparently having teh dramaz with some attendees/rivals/etc, and I don't even want to know. A lot of he-said, she-said. The maids are not being the most professional about certain things, so I am disappoint. Ah well, mostly ignorable. It's a small group of people that keep complaining to Con Chair Hector. His problem, not mine. I think it's probably just brats fighting via tattling, but I also think Hector's being too soft about the maids.

I've not had any drawing time lately, which sucks since I do have some Avatar Korra sketches I wanted to scan & color, and I wanted to participate in Zutara week, which is now over. That also means I haven't drawn Project Cosplay chibis or gotten around to starting our website for that yet. :(

There's been some dramas on the home front. The landlord is planning to sell, which meant I half-killed myself on chemicals doing some cleaning the last two weeks, and had the panic attacks and super stress as work is deadline~y crazy lately and Ms. Landlord kept changing the dates that she and an inspector were to be coming through. By the by, inspector still hasn't. D:
Regardless, I'll likely be moving here in the next 2-3 months. I've lived in the same place since coming out West so it's about time, but the timing of winter holidays just kind of sucks and I hate that I'm being pushed into it.
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