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The Dragon*Con 2010 costume line-up/to-do list. Days are undecided, except Blue Spirit will be at least Saturday morning, due to having signed up for the parade group.

Maker Hooks [Dune]
- Paint ends solid brown.
- Ship & invoice Brooke.
Steampunk Swan Maiden
- Just need to wash and pack.
Lady Blackhawk/Zinda Blake
- Make front jacket flap.
- Buy wig.
Blue Spirit [Avatar: The Last Airbender]
- Re-wrap sword handles.
- Finish mask.
Jihl Nabaat [FF13]
- Take in shirt & vest.
- Add snaps to jacket.
- Modify shoes.
- Modify belt.
- Make baton sling.
- Paint logo on armband.
- Make red mini tie-thing.
- Make armor.
- Add EL wiring. (May not do EL wiring in time for D*Con--final step.)

Progress Images

Jihl baton is finished except for a couple of metal filigree pieces to be added.
Base paint:


One Blue Spirit arm bracer. See how I make this costume more difficult than it should be?

The Lady Blackhawk hat is done, and the larger logo for the front of the jacket is ready.

The Dune sticks are ready to be shipped except for one small painting modification.

Cosplay: Dune Maker Hooks
by =elfgrove on deviantART
Separated into halves for travel:

My entire weekend was pretty-much sacrificed to cosplay. Here you can see the still-drying Blue Spriit mask base, the arm & leg bracers with gold fire-nation symbol details, and the finished double sword sheath. (Sash and the rest of the costume are not pictured.)
The Jihl baton and Blackhawk logo for the jacket are in there, as well as the Dune Maker Hooks. And of course, various propping materials are lined up to the side.
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