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Dear Sportscasters.
I can't hear the news about my team over YOUR RAMPANT BIASED OPINIONS.

Yes, I'm biased, but I'm not writing the reports. I'm not a journalist. And I'm not badmouthing an undefeated team every step of the way.

You don't like us. You don't like the SEC fer crying out loud. I get it. But when you're doing your job, I would deeply appreciate toning the personal shit down. Otherwise, please to be going away.

I'm really sick of hearing every week that my team doesn't deserve to be ranked. That there's no way in hell we'll make the championship game. That every next game will certainly be our downfall.

And I'm really sick of seeing Oregon ranked #1, but when I go to look at their schedule, they're beating up on cream puffs. Saturday past was our Homecoming game, so it was 2nd and 3rd string throughout the 2nd half. It was our cream puff game. Oregon has played that all season, and I want to see an SEC team make the championship to show these West Coasters how we play REAL college football. Down in the SEC, where we stay ranked low because the teams are all tough, and we beat the hell out of each other in difficult games EVERY WEEK. And the difficulty level just doesn't dial in for the West Coast. Our games don't score super-high, so we must be weak. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we actually play defense.

My team's last perfect season was 2004. We were never once ranked #1 in the BCS that season, so we didn't go to the championship game. It went to two West teams, one of which had a defeat. The championship was a joke. Don't deserve it my ass. SEC teams deserve ranks more than any conference out there, but I don't see the national TV channel sportscasters badmouth anyone the way they do the SEC, I'm just especially sensitive to it when it's my team.

I am happy to admit we have our two toughest games left this season. And I don't say that because of rankings or stats. It's because they're SEC rivalry games. No matter how these teams play all year, we "bring it" to those last two games. That's real football. Auburn/Georgia is the Deep South's oldest rivalry. Auburn/Alabama is probably the fiercest in college football, earning the nickname the Iron Bowl.

So, I don't believe we have it in the bag, but if Auburn can beat Georgia this week, we're almost guaranteed the SEC West title, and a place in the SEC Championship. If we can beat both, there is NO logical reason we shouldn't be playing for the National Title. I would love to go into the nat'l against Oregon and kick their weak-ass-manipulative-schedule in the $%&#@!

The PAC-10 and Big-10 just can't hold a candle to the SEC.

DO NOT EVEN get me started on this scandal around Cam the last week. This could kill the kid's Heisman chances all based on hearsay from some bullshit third party saying "I heard from my friend who works for..." $%&#@!
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