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Title: Hearts in the Snow
Characters: Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury, Zoisite
Rating: PG
Prompts: http://christianhelpmingo.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/snow-heart.jpg
AN: Part 3 is late by a couple of days. Sorry!

Hearts in the Snow

     Ami self-consciously brushed her hands down the front of her outfit again. The blouse was a pleated confection of various shades of blue fabric (picked by Minako, of course) that paired with her blue hair the long blue skirt should make a nice effect out walking in the fresh snow from earlier today. Zoisite should be here any minute for their new annual tradition, the Christmas Date. Of course, Zoisite still insisted on calling the holiday Solstice, one of a dozen tiny reminders that part of him remained firmly rooted in an older time. She shook her head. Zoi was a different person from the Silver Millennium, or more importantly, he was a different person that the man that had been brainwashed and attempted to kill her and the other scouts. There was no doubt that he loved her and would serve his prince, his king, to the end of his days now. The greater concern was if he would ever really integrate into the world as it was now, or if he would always remain a stubborn anachronism, destined to fade away long before Crystal Tokyo came into being. That would break Mamoru’s heart. It would break her heart.

     The doorbell rang, breaking her out of her morbid thoughts. She rushed to the door, her cheeks already slightly flushed at the idea of seeing him again. When she opened it, she found a man far taller than the one she was expecting standing in front of her, hands shoved in his pockets, face half-covered by one of Makoto’s scarves, and a decidedly petulant look on what remained exposed of his features.
     “Nephrite?” A sudden horror crossed her mind. Zoisite was never late for their dates. “What happened?”
The fear must’ve shown on her face or in her voice because Nephrite suddenly manged to nudge the scarf down from covering his mouth and his deep voice came out in a rush, “Don’t worry. He’s fine. Silly ponce called in a favor so he could be all crafty.” He rolled his eyes meaningfully, “I’m missing a baking session with Makoto for this. Come on.”
     “Come where?”
     Neprite’s only explanation was a smile over his shoulder as he stared to walk away from her door, “What else? Zoi has a plan.”
     Ami grabbed her coat despite herself and followed Nephrite out to the snow-covered sidewalks. He lead her for a while, until they arrived at the park where she and Zoisite had had their first date. It was a lot less romantic with the sakura trees now stripped bare save for a few icicles hanging from knotted branches.
     They reached the head of one of the walking paths, and Nephrite turned with a flourish, finally removing his hands from his pockets, “Well, here we are.”
     Ami arched a slim eyebrow, “It’s dark, and the lights are out.”
     Nephrite grinned impishly before going into a deep bow, “All part of the plan, milady.” As he rose again, he passed her a delicately calligraphied note, somewhat damaged from it’s ride in his pocket. As he leaned closer to her, his voice took a bit of a mocking sneer, something about Nephrite would always be a little abrasive to her, “And don’t tell me one of the Moon Princess’s Guardians is scared of the dark.”
     Ami snatched the note, and narrowed her eyes at him, “I didn’t make you come out here, so don’t take it out on me.”
     “Hmph. Go on, Ami. He’s waiting on you.”
     Ami started down the path without opening the note.

     Zoisite slipped out of a nearby stand of trees and tugged angrily on Nephrite’s hair. “That was unnecessary.”
     “So was involving me in your little play.”
     “I know, I know.” He sighed in annoyance, “You love her.”
     Green eyes slid upwards to meet his brother’s, “Don’t you love Makoto?”
     “I don’t know.” Nephrite shook his head and slapped the younger man on the back, “Bah. Go catch your princess, Zoi. She’s got more fire than she lets on. Makes her worth it.”
     Zoi flashed a smirk in return, “Don’t you go looking at my Ami that way.”

     Ami waited until she was out of sight of Nephrite before she paused, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness, and opened the note.
I’ve lived two lifetimes without you, my heart frozen in time and in feeling. Finally, a thousand years after our first meeting, I feel my heart thawing and warmth coming into it. The world is brighter, and the air sweeter than I have ever known. The only thing I can credit this to is you. You are the change in my world, and the center of the warmth that is thawing my millennium-long winter. At the end of this path, you shall find my heart. I beg that you come retrieve it, but only if you wish to embrace it.

     Ami choked back her annoyance at Nephrite for crumpling the lovely note, and she started forward again, forcing herself not to run so she wouldn’t ruin her carefully chosen outfit by tripping in the dimness of the park. She walked swiftly though, and she knew her hair was becoming an unruly mess of fluff, her earlier attempts to tame it loosing to the wind and her movement.

     Zoisite ghosted behind her, carefully remaining out of both sight and the reach of her finely tuned senshi senses. He couldn’t help but grin widely when she picked up her pace after reading the letter. He had hoped she would respond this way.

     Ami reached the end of the path, where it let out into a clearing in the sakura trees, that had been decorated with a carefully crafted faux ruin that reminded her vaguely of the palaces during the Silver Millennium. This place was so like her Zoi. A sanctum of beautifully preserved history in the middle of the modern age. As she stepped forward off the path, she stumbled as the ground dropped a good two inches between one step and the next. As she looked down, she found a heart shape carved out in the snow like a variation on a snow angel. She smiled as she tried to catch her breath and looked back up to the nearby ruins.
     When she did, she faintly heard something metallic click, and suddenly the clearing lit up. Thousands of Christmas lights had been strung up in the trees and throughout the faux ruins. Her mouth opened in a silent, “oh.” How long had it taken Zoi to set all of this up? To figure out how to set up the electricity to power the lights despite his stubborn resistance to educating himself on the modern world? He must have put so much effort into this!
     Another click, and a miniature spotlight illuminated a sign propped up among the ruins. Carefully written in the same artful calligraphy, but at several times the size was a very simple phrase, “Will you marry me?”

     Ami gasped audibly this time, bringing her ungloved hands up to cover her mouth. As if scheduled, she wouldn't put it past his dramatic side, a gentle snow started to fall. That was when Zoisite stepped forward from behind her, gingerly wrapping his arms around her. “Will you?”
     Ami captured his wrists with her own delicate hands and pulled him tighter against her. As she did so, she turned her face up to meet his eyes. Both their cheeks were flushed from the cold and the exertion of the walk out here, and perhaps just a little embarrassment at their boldness. She grinned widely as she answered him, “Yes.”

Date: 2011-12-28 07:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ellorgast.livejournal.com
Awwwwww! This is the cutest! SO cute! I love how it shows his willingness to adapt to this world for her, that put so much effort into learning about things like electricity just for this gift.

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