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- Tuesday -
Woke up sick as a dog. Had to take a 9:30am Calc2 test in this condition. Got siccker throughout the day, as I attended classes from 9:30am to 5:00pm, only breaking for lunch. Went home, changed into my renn costume, and Beau and I headed to anime club. I was uncomfortable, tired, and just generally ill all through club, but apparently managed a decent cover job. I came home, tried to sleep, unsucessfully. I ended up throwing up what tiny bit of dinner I had eaten at the beginning of club, took some sudafed, went to sleep about 30 mins later.
- Wenesday -
Felt cruddy all day. Mom, over the phone, managed to get me to stay well drugged. Got a paid LJ account for my legend04 user name (used as an update notice for my online comic) as a gift from another comic artist. Went to Physics2 lab at 6pm. Learned standing for a few minutes without walking tended to make my knees want to go out. Came back, conked out.
- Thursday -
Stumbled through the 9:30-5 schedule again, feeling better due to drugs, but still stuffed and exausted. Went home. Stephen came over and watched som TV, while I talked to my parents on and off, ended up with Mums coming to visit friday. Took medicine, conked out, forgot my online Physics2 quiz.
- Friday -
Got up at 6am. Registered for classes at 7. Cleaned my apt before Mums arrived. Feeling much better, just a sore throat and low energy. Went to lunch with Mom. Came back, hung out. Jay and Beau came over, we all went to see the One with Stephen and Chris, hit Craker Barrel for dinner. I oreder chiken and dumplings, i really wanted it, so of course, five minutes after we order, they come back to let us know they're out of it... grr... I order something else that turned out to not be up to normal CB goodness. lukewarm and dry turkey and dressing... more grr... Chris feels the need to harass me all through this... So i'm not thrilled by dinner, embarassed by the antics of my tablemates. *glares at Chris, Stephen, Beau and Jay* Can we not harass me, wrestle over silverware and other such things during dinner? Aren't all of you older than me? *sigh* went back to my apt where Chris and Jay spent around an hour or more trying to hook up to my computer to get Inu Yasha episodes, and changing settings and shit on my computer without asking first. And yes, they were all set back, but dammit... ASK! He was still harassing me, and at one poit I kicked at him, and in pulling it, hit my knee on the table. It is now a very dark red spot, it was already purple not 2 minutes after the kick. Not to mention, I was stressed, exauhsted, and relapsing into sickness from pushing myself too much. Mom was exauhsted too, and uh, Chris, she was getting ready to throw you out, and she was kinda pissed about your dinner behavior too. She likes to be a part of the group, but she still wants the respect that elders/parents deserve, and she felt as though you ignored that respect factor, not to mention general manners. Anyways... After everyone left, Mom and I pretty much immedeately went to sleep. This wasn't until almost midnight though. Hello, buddy people, I was sick, Mom had driven over 4 hours, staying that late was not cool. And we tried the entire hint thing, but some people are too damned dense sometimes.
- Saturday -
Woke up, my head was stuffed, and my throat hurt. Mom made breakfast. I finished todays comic page. I couldn't get the comic to even upload, ftp issues. Snooping online found out about sword production for the LOTR movie. *swoon.love.mustget* United(goods sword company) is making Sting(released November) Glamdring-Gandalf's sword(released December), and the sword of the Witchking(released December), with more to come at each movie release, December 2002 and 2003. (http://www.unitedcutlery.com/rings.html _ http://www.triadbusinessonline.com/bladesbybrown/lordoftherings.html _ http://www.eknifeworks.com - search Sting) Mom and I went to do groceries. I was exauhsted again, just from grocery shopping. Oh, and I'm loosing my voice, very badly. We came back, put up groceries, did some stuff to deal with roaches, which were just starting to make an appearance in my apt. We went to Applebee's and had white choclate and walnut blondies with vanilla ice cream and coffee. We then went to BAM. I got Magic's Promise and Magic's Price, two books of the Herald Mage series by Mercades Lackey. See Laura? I'm trying it! I dunno, though, up until the last part of Magic's Pawn I wanted to drop kick Vanyel and his wimpy attitude, gods know he needed it, but the wingbrothers just made the book for me. Almost elfg-like guys, long silver hair... Damn, I have some sort of weakness for that... Also, the store had this great LOTR stuff, which was neat, especially the poster-sized calendar, with a pic of the blond elf-guy as one of the months... *fangirl.swoon* BAM also had these lovely LOTR bookmarks, with THE ring attached to them. I now have one, and the ring is on a little satin cord around my neck, it does fit my fingers, but then there's that entire invisible thing to deal with, so, you know.... ^_~ Anyways, Mom left for home. I got in my Inuyasha(read Sesshoumaru) wallscroll and keychain, both of which kick butt. The wallscroll is actually really small though, but it has these red tassels, so it just looks right anyways.

Anyway, that catches everyone up.
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"We are the girls of anime club. FEAR US." - Michelle, 10.16.2001

Stephen: "Chris are you sticking that stick up Dave's butt?"
Chris: "No it just looked like it was already there. I'm retrieving it."
- 10.16.2001

Stephen: It's not an orgy.
Dave: But...
Beau(?): That's right, they don't have their shoes off.
Matt: Yet! We've got one off!
- 10.16.2001

"Hey! There's no Lord and Ruler position!" - Matt (officer sign ups), 10.16.2001

Matt: "Can I be the overlord of monkeys?"
All (almost): "No"
Matt: "But i'm getting a litle black spider monkey who'll sit right
here and i'll train him to say 'chu'."
Fewer this time: "No."
Becky: "No monkeys that say chu! No Mr. Chu-chu's."
Matt: "Aww. But..."
Stephen: "I don't care as long as it doesn't say pikachu."
- 10.16.2001

"Oh wow, a coke bottle, haven't used one of these in a while..." - Becky, 10.16.2001

"Chris copped(sp) a feel." - Dave, 10.16.2001

Matt(answering phone): "Matt's meat shop. I bet you can't beat our meat."
Stephen(taking phone): "Hello? ...They hung up."
Chris: "I hope that wasn't Stephen's parents."
- 10.16.2001

Know the amusement...

Check out our website.
I just got to redo it, cheer for me!
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> On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Beau Frierson wrote:
> It has been brought to my attention that, by Alabama law, we had an orgy
> last night. The law states: an orgy is ten or more people in a room
> without there shoes on.
> Beau :)
> ----

Hrm... And there were only two girls there last night... Ick!

    Other Odd AL State Laws
  • It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle.
  • it's against the law for a man to seduce "a chaste woman by means of temptation, deception, arts, flattery or a promise of marriage."
  • It is illegal to play Dominos on Sunday.
  • It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.
  • Putting salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death.
  • In Alabama, men may not spit in front of the opposite sex.
  • It's been a long hot day and your thinking of having a beer. Better think again cause in this state it is illegal for anyone to own or sell anything that Tastes Like, Smells Like, or Looks Like Beer.
  • If your in Montgomery, AL, don't even think of taking a bath in the Courthouse Square Fountain.
  • One good thing in this State is that Alabama husbands have the legal right to chastise their wives with sticks, but it can be no larger than the thumb.
  • Also in Montgomery, AL it is against the law to walk down the street with a sheet over your head.
  • In Prichard, AL keep your voice down for they forbid loud talking.
  • One good thing about Birmingham, AL , is that All street car lines are prohibited from using flat wheels on their cars.
  • Brewton, AL not only has a law that says you can not drive a motorboat down any city street, but you can't fish from it while it is being driven down the street.
  • In Alabama it is illegal to carry a comb in your pocket, because it may be used as a weapon. This comes after a 13 year old boy was killed when he was stabbed with a comb.
  • Any man on horseback shall not tempt another man's wife. An unmarried horseman should not stop overnight when the woman is alone.
  • Boogers may not be flicked into the wind.
  • Unlawful bear exploitation; penalties.(a) A person commits the offense of unlawful bear exploitation if he or she knowingly does any one of the following: (1) Promotes, engages in, or is employed at a bear wrestling match. (2) Receives money for the admission of another person to a place kept for bear wrestling. (3) Sells, purchases, possesses, or trains a bear for bear wrestling. (4) For purposes of exploitation, subjects a bear to surgical alteration in any form, including, but not limited to, declawing, tooth removal, and severing tendons. (b) Unlawful bear exploitation is a Class B felony and is punishable as provided by law. -Section 13A-12-5 (Passed in 1996)
  • It is legal to drive the wrong way down a one-way street if you have a lantern attached to the front of your automobile.
  • You may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time.
  • Masks may not be worn in public.
  • You may not drive barefooted.
  • It is illegal to maim oneself to escape duty.
  • It is illegal to impersonate a person of the clergy.
  • It is illegal to sell peanuts in Lee County after sundown on Wednesday.
  • In Mobile, AL, It is unlawful to howl at ladies inside the city limits.
  • In Mobile, AL, It is unlawful to wear women's pumps with sharp, high heels.
  • It's illegal to buy any alcoholic beverages by telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • Postmasters are not allowed to go duck hunting anywhere in the US.

Boy I must be bored...
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I thought i'd let you guys know, especially you anime fans, looksat Jenni, Aaron, Laura, etc.... that Beau just finished downloading the entire Ayashi No Ceres/Ceres: Celestial Legend series fansubbed of the net the other day, and I have burned copies of the files. *^_^* I've seen through episode 6. hee hee hee.

Now you must come visit me! LOL

And, Brett and Amber from Pantheon came over around 5 today, to visit, see my apt, etc. We ended up going to Jane and Kristina's apt to try to have the 5 of us go to dinner together, but they had plans, so the 3 of us went to Applebee's. We talked about our parents and their reactions to us being pagans, and then just exchanged high school stories. It was fun.
Then when I got back to my apt, Matt called asking about our English assignment. Poor guy, 20 pages is a lot when you can't read. ^_~ It was funny though, 'cause I almost called him about the assignment earlier today. ^_^
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Wow. It was so fun. Matt just came by the apt and said "it's time for us to throw you out of a plane." ^_^ No, really, he did say that.
It's been 3 weeks since he last flew, and he has a license. So, Matt had been talking friday about going up today, but the weather reports said it would storm all weekend. So this Sunday, since the weather was good, he took Dave, Beau and me up for an hour in a Cessna 172 SkyHawk. It's a cute little four seater plane. I had fun, except for when he stalled the engine on purpose, that scared me. He slowed down to like 65 nauts, then the plane felt like it was moving backwards and the propeller almost stopped spinning and the engine wasn't roaring anymore. Then he righted everything, but it scared me. ^^;; Otherwise it was a blast.
Then we came back and had ice cream at Aubie's. *^_^*
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It seems so at least...
I ended up going to the Pantheon dinner thing.

No regrets. It was very nice to spend that little bit of extra time with those people. I really do care about them. Maybe it's stupid because I am risking being hurt, but I can't help but to care about them. I gave Amber the poster of StoneHenge i've been meaning to give to her since winter break, and I gave Brett my most recent medicine bag. I hope they like them.

Only one thing didn't come out too great. I mentioned the idea of Otherkin to the Pantheon kids at the Blue Bagel. I didn't present it as I was one, I said that i'd come across an interesting online community and asked if they'd ever heard of it. I then proceeded to describe it to them.
Cliff started laughing. Gods... I thought I was going to get angry with him or just get up and run out. I rememer his reaction more so than anyone else's because he was sitting right across from me. I couldn't bring myself to look at anyone else's face. I was afraid that they would laugh too, I can't remember if they were or not. Probably were. I laughed some myself and said something to the effect of "yeah, but they're really interesting to talk too." Cliff told me that "interesting" was probably the best word to use for groups like that. He added that it was possible, but he had always been incarnated as a human. The initial reaction hurt though. Christina added that people are always telling her how elf-like or pixie-ish she is. Cliff laughed and agreed and joked about imagining her just phasing out and back in, and how he would ask her how her trip was.

Feh. Nevermind. I'm stronger than this. I don't care. I am what I am and do not regret it. I was only sad to hear that from Cliff. But it is a hard idea to swallow; I understand. He's too nice a person for me to get angry about it, everyone who was there is.

Heh. This from a girl who still holds a grudge against a guy for a comment he made when I was 12. Of course it was a bad comment and he only got worse through the years, but I never really gave him a second chance after that. Heh. Perhaps i'm no longer the queen of grudges.

After the Blue Bagel I walked bay to the Student Union to catch the last tape of the Anime Club meeting. Cliff was giving a ride home to everyone, but I opted to walk. I like walking after my meetings, gives me time to think.

At the last of the Anime Club meeting, it turns out Matt will be making dinner Saturday and we scheduled to meet for ice cream on dead day where Matt could come, so Chris won't make it. It should be nice though.

Damn It All "You are extremely avoiding the contact of the first kind. Do you fear to feel other people? Being ignorant of others, you will never be either betrayed nor hurt, though you'll never escape from feeling loneliness. A person cannot erase that forever... However, people can forget, and thus are able to live."

- Kaoru Nagisa, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Damn. Why was the chorus to this song stuck in my head on the way to Anime Club from the Blue Bagel?
~ SONG ~
And then he went to the roof
Where his threats ring loud and clear
Gonna jump, Gonna jump
Gonna die this year

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Damn It All "Funny how laughter looks like crying without...the sound...Strange how raindrops taste like tears without...the pain"

- Kelly Thomas

It's really sad, now that I think about it. My last club meetings of the year are today. Damn...

Pantheon at 7pm as well as Anime Club at 7pm. My normal solution is go to the hour long meeting of Pantheon, then go to the Anime Club meeting until whenever. But, I want to go to the out to eat thing with the Pantheon kids after the meeting tonight.

I saw Brett, who was at May Day (Queen Of Winter), at the induction into some idiotic honor frat. We had both gotten in. He was the only one there that I knew, and he was kind enough to come talk to me. I'm not used to people doing stuff like that. It was nice of him. It also reminded me how much I've really come to care about the Pantheon members. I want to get to know them better, but i'm too afraid of being pushed away or getting hurt, or hurting them to do anything about it. Anyways, that's why I want to go this evening to the dinner thing.

But then again, there's Anime Club. It's not the last time i'll see them this semester because we're planning to have dinner out saturday evening, all of us except Matt. That's why I was planning to schedule a little go grab ice-cream together thing on dead day, thursday. But there's a schedule conflict, Matt is only free up until 3pm and Chris is only free after 6pm. Since Matt can't make Saturday, I really want to schedule it where he can make it. But that's just it, it isn't scheduled yet, and Matt will have left before I could get back to Anime Club if I do the dinner thing with Pantheon.

Looks like i'm going to forfiet a chance to get better aquainted with Pantheon kids in lew of scheduling later stuff with Anime Club kids.
I hate this... I don't want to skip out on either group. Damn my luck...

I'm really going to miss all of them this summer, although the Anime Club is supposed to come visit me at home at some point.

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