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My last final for the semester, Calculus, is at 8pm tonight. Wish me luck! Wow, this marks the end of my first year of college. Amazing.

Feh. I screwed up. I told myself that I was just going to make friends this year and not so much as think the word boyfriend for myself. I've managed getting friends pretty well I think, but I've also managed to develop a three crushes. Gods i'm an idiot. Oh well. I wouldn't be looking for a serious relationship anyways, NO WAY IN HELL I am ready to deal with that. None of them know, and they shan't know unless: I get brave/decide I actually have a chance/decide I'm ready to deal with having a boyfriend (time-wise and emotional-wise). Mwa ha ha ha. No big loss to the world anyways.

Let's see. For anyone who's actually talked to me recently, you know I participated in a May Day ritual play on the 28th of last month. The pictures came up on the Pantheon website, so I downloaded them and made an online scrapbook for May Day 2001. Enjoy!

Well, after my exam I must clean up around here since ppl are coming down tomorrow. The bathroom must at least be presentable. Damn suitemates...

My May Day Costume"Why do people rebuild things they know are going to be destroyed? Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever? Think how meaningless each of your lives is!"

- Kefka, FFVI
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Okay, there are three people in my dorm who make a regular habit of talking to me. They're the only ones in this shitty building who do care to ask everytime they see me "how things are going" and actually mean it. Recently they've been fighting.

Robyn, Stacey, Tiffany... I understand why you are fighting. You have reasons to be mad at each other. What I can't understand is what happened. What began the problems. I asked Tiff and she essentially said it was because Robyn started pulling shit.
I knew that already...

What I don't understand is what brought on the back-stabbing. They used to get along so well...

Feh. What can I do though?

They're all moving away from each other next semester... I hope they don't completely throw away their friendship with the movement. I know things look bad now, but it's not worth throwing each other away.
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Wow. It's so strange... All the photos and posters I had plastered to the walls are now all neatly stacked or rolled up, sitting in the nearly empty closet that would've belonged to my roomate had she not moved out after 2 weeks.

The walls are so blank. It looks sad and empty here... How odd. I always thought it looked empty before, but now, with the blank walls... It's so strange...

I'm going to go now...
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Robyn is back at the dorm and safe, thank the Gods...

She is now saying she just wants to be friends with the guy, and she plans on going to Columbus with him sometime... Ack.... She worries me...

I assure you this face is not mine by choice."What was merciful about it? Yes, I said I wanted power. But I don't remember asking to become a Chimera in the process!"

- Zelgadis, The Slayers
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Well, I never write short versions of this thing... So i'll try to be brief...

I'm gonna kill her.

Err, little too brief, ne?
My friend, Robyn, went out with this guy and about 6 of his buddies that night, and she just met him last night. Everyone at the front desk (I live in a dorm) got very bad vibes off the guy, even the ones who never sense that sort of thing. Dumb ass Robyn! If she isn't home this morning, Tiff is supposed to call Stacey and me, and we go hunt her down.

On a (un)related note. Something was very wrong last night, it felt like something was moving in... Double my room shields, heh heh... When your on the sixth floor of a building and there are no trees except across the road, then you hear tapping on your window after having bad vibes all night, upping your shields seems like a good idea.

On another unrelated note, I came across a new community recently, "Otherkin". Right now, i'm just wondering if they'll think i'm nuts, hate me, like me whatever... only time will tell I guess...

I guess that wasn't brief after all...
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That's how I feel. Crummy.

Today I have to:
Go to my bullshit excuse for a calculus course, where I am one of about 5 people who didn't fail the midterm, and the only one who got an A on it. And I had to show the teacher where he messed up a problem on the board and was trying to declare the textbook wrong. Of course, he was only working the problem because some people in that class can't be bothered to do the homework since they don't have to turn it in, and then they freak when he doesn't hand out a practice test prior to the 3rd of 4 quizes in the class. They screwed themselves on that. If they would just read the chapter they'd be fine. So encouraging... Why am I going again?

Study for a quiz in my bullshit Calculus class tomorrow.

Study for a test in my history class tomorrow.

Finish my Engineering Physics problems that are due tomorrow.

And... Pack for that 4.5 hour drive home tomorrow afternoon.

I'm so fucking drained. On top of that, there are currently three spirits that have taken residence in my dorm. One I never hear from, but another girl I know does. She's more prone to picking up on ghosts than I am, so I guessing it's a ghost. One of the others, I'm not sure if it's a ghost or something else, has really bothered me much, it just sings at random intervals, like when i'm trying to go to sleep. I've tried the theory that its music from other people in my dorm, but no one in the dorm listens to celtic music, save me. And the third and final one showed up about three weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it's some form of Shadow Walker. Don't worry if that term doesn't ring a bell with you, it's a type of spirit i've come across in the last couple of years, they are dangerous pains in the ass to deal with in most cases. It has taken to making several minor attacks on me, resulting in some rather nice bruises. It has also taken to basically following me around the building on one or two evenings, but seems to be particularly attached to the laundry room. It drives me up a wall when it follows me, because my first instinct is to attack it, and I really can't deal with that right now. Yay... I technically could dispatch it, permanently, but it's weaker than what I have dealt with previously, and I don't want to hurt destroy it if I don't have to.

So that's how things are going, between classes, club, and my two buddies in the dorm, i'm drained as hell energy-wise and i've had no time in which to replenish that energy. Thank the gods next week is spring break. The first half i'm going to New Orleans with my family, the second, i'm staying home. Rest. Re-cooperation. I'm desperately in need.

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Such lovely people live in my dorm...

Last week they felt the need to graffitti the walls of the lobby with the comments "All men are bastards!", "All Men Suck!!!", "I Hate Penises!", etc.
It was in the wee hours of Saturday morning when thay did it, it's been narrowed down to between 2:30 and 5:00am. The Hall Director was there even. Asleep... but it was right outside her door, and Kendra's known to keep strange hours. They had some guts pulling that.
Kendra found it in the morning, and as she was trying to cover it up, someone's mom and dad were entering the dorm to visit their daughter. Cruel...
Anyways, the University's pissed, i'm pissed, Kendra too, as well as the majority of the dorm. The lobby had to be repainted, and unless the culprit is identified the entire dorm will have to pay for the new paint job.

Yay... -_-

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