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Yes, I be screwed up muchly...
Okay, my last final is today. At 5pm. It's multiple choice, open note.
I also have to turn in a paper to english today. I need to tweak a final draft and print, so i'm good and set.

I've finished Owlsight and Owlflight by Mercedes Lackey, and when I couldn't find Owlknight, the final book in the trilogy, I picked up Beyond The World's End. I picked it up this past weekend, I'm currently a chapter or two short of finishing it. ML's writing is addictive. Crack on paper I tell you! Yeah... I'm crazy...

Something I've discovered, along with the 2 tons of books she writes, ML also write song lyrics based on peope and events in her books. They have the sound of classic bardic music, which I haven't heard any decent forms of in forever. I think i've downloaded enough via Morpheous now to fill 2 or more CDs. Addictive.

Anyhoo... About Beyond the World's End and the title of my entry. Here is proof of my stress I think. There's this little creature in the book, a Redcap that calls himself Urla. I can't describe him properly, but sure as sunlight, ML can. And I can picture him perfectly. Especially since that point where he snuck up behind Banyon in the forest in UnSeleighe Sidhe territory. Nothing in sight, but his shoulders crawled. There was someone behind him. He could feel it. Eric got to his feet, turning around slowly, shields at full, to see what had startled the forest. He stared. It looked like a giant lawn gnome brought to hideous life. Upright, it would probably stand almost four feet high, but it was bent over so far it was hard for Eric to judge it's size, balancing on grimy bare feet and knuckles of it's long, apelike arms. It was wearing human clothes, centuries out of date -- calf-length leather pants and a long grimy smock that might have been white once but was now soiled to grimy brown. It's face was a caricature of a human face -- almost noseless, with tiny piggy eyes. On it's head it wore a crusty brownish-red cap that it had dipped in some thick liquid that was flaking away now as it dried. The creature stank of undefineable things. When it saw Eric's face, it smiled, the grin spliting it's nightmarish face impossibly wide. It's mouth was filled with long yellow teeth. Sharp yellow teeth. Adding to the description, the red liqiud is blood, the creature eats pain and fear, and then kills the creature it feeds off of, dipping it's hat in their blood, it's power determined by the amount of blood soaked into the hat. The description of it killing someone had it walking forward, arms swinging, disturbing grin showing pointed teeth. It paused. Then jumped and bit into the man's throat. Yeah, read about that bit of fun about midnight-1or2am with my special brand of imagination and a perfect mind image of the thing. I expected to have nightmares about the creature.
6:00am, my alarm goes off. No nightmares. Not that I can recall at least. hit the sleep button once, turn the alarm off when it comes on again, remembering that my cell phone's alarm clock will go off at 45 after. Lay there trying to sleep again. Hear a very faint... knock at the front door. Figure you must be hearing things. The knock comes again, a bit louder now. You realize whatever's knocking would have to be about two-three, under four feet tall. That rules out all your neighbors. The knock comes again, louder, with a sense of something wanting in. You put a little more energy into your shields and send a 'go away' thought to it. The knock comes again. Go away. Again and again, each time, a Go away. At last adding, 'Go away. I sleep now. Try again at noon.' If it's anything massively bad, can't be out in direct sunlight, maybe... The knock comes again. 'Go away. Try later.' The knock stops.
about ten minutes later, the cell phone alarm goes off and I get up. Was I half-awake, dreaming it, misinterpreting other sounds? I'd thought I was pretty awake. Makes me feel absolutely insane whren this sort of thing happens. But... such is life. And hells if I'm gonna go check at the door to see if anything's there. Besides, my entire direct light thing is screwed, Auburn's been covered in thick mist 24h a day for the past three days. No direct sunlight, even a t noon, you cant see the sky, hell you can barely see the top of the football stadium.

^_^ Welcome to Lycorne's screwed up world.
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I've been told I ought to update this blasted thing, but I don't know what to say. No offense Dusty-kun, but I hope I'm not moving towards where you are emotionally right now. I can't really afford the side effects with all that's been going on, you know what I mean about side effects, we discussed it briefly yesterday.

Any ways. I should write something intelligent, or insightful, but given the lack of that at the moment here's something of a general update.
I'm moving into an apartment at Neil House in Auburn Aug.10th. That is not a whole lot of time left to be spent here. Saturday my parental units and I are going to be shopping for stuff like pots and pans for my apartment since I never had any at the dorms.
On my comic, I have 17 pages drawn and 14 lettered and ready to post; unfortunately not in order, I need to finish the color panels for pages 12, 13, and 14. I'm glad to be ahead of myself on that though. Page 17 is the entrance of Aaron and makes it safe to say that everyone from dojo should be making their appearance in the next 5 pages or so. If anyone who reads my LJ isn't reading my WebComic, at least try to read it. http://legendoffour.keenspace.com The story is centered around two girls who start having similar dreams regarding memories of past lives. And their past seems to be coming forward to affect their future. For any otherkin, you might be interested to know that these past lives are not human incarnations.
I have dojo tonight, so I'm taking my camera with me to finish off the roll I started in Gatlinburg. Teddy Bear pictures! heh. I really want to see if the bears came out.
Aaron came over yesterday. He was borrowing a tai chi sword for use in his senior portraits he's taking today, and he also got to look through the majority of our sword collection. He absolutely adored my new tai chi, but since it's not very bright and shiny appearance wise he opted to use the older one for pictures. It looks just like the sword from Disney's Mulan, but trust me, the sword is much older than the movie.

Well. Looks like I actually managed to write something. Now go read my comic. Please?
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I called the people where i'm supposed to be leasing an apartment in the fall this afternoon, to check the status of my lease/application/whatever. I submitted the info and every thing in January to be sure I got a place to live this fall, and oops... We can't find any records of you... Wha-? We gave you a deposit check! Anyways. My mom called after I got off the phone with them and was about to become very nasty, evil mother creature. They found it. Apparently there was some miscommunication and they were looking in the wrong file grouping. I do have an apartment...

Yeesh. I was so worried I wasn't going to have a place to live fall semester....

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