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I thought i'd let you guys know, especially you anime fans, looksat Jenni, Aaron, Laura, etc.... that Beau just finished downloading the entire Ayashi No Ceres/Ceres: Celestial Legend series fansubbed of the net the other day, and I have burned copies of the files. *^_^* I've seen through episode 6. hee hee hee.

Now you must come visit me! LOL

And, Brett and Amber from Pantheon came over around 5 today, to visit, see my apt, etc. We ended up going to Jane and Kristina's apt to try to have the 5 of us go to dinner together, but they had plans, so the 3 of us went to Applebee's. We talked about our parents and their reactions to us being pagans, and then just exchanged high school stories. It was fun.
Then when I got back to my apt, Matt called asking about our English assignment. Poor guy, 20 pages is a lot when you can't read. ^_~ It was funny though, 'cause I almost called him about the assignment earlier today. ^_^
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I really don't get it. An indvidual human, I can understand. Humans as a group are a complete mystery to me. How can they, as a group agree that everyone deserves equal rights, but then only enforce it for the rights of the majority? Blah. I don't get it. I'm not sure I want to. I don't want to be like them.

I just spent thirty minutes walking through three stories of Parker Hall and Haley Center, trying to make sure the Pantheon flyers for Tuesday's meeting were still visible. You see, when I went to math class this morning on 3rd floor Parker, I looked up to check and see if the flyers we put up on Saturday were stll there. They were, with one edit to their placement. They had been folded abd stapled so that they could not be read. After my class, I went around the building, fixing the problem, thewn I went to Haley Center to see if it had happened there too. The flyers on the first floor bulletin boards were gone completely, and two on the second floor had been made illegible. One by being covered up, the other by the fun folding process. I think there were a few missing as well on both 2nd an 3rd floors of HC.

Silly me. How dare I think for a moment that people might be tolerant enough to leave the flyers alone. I don't even want to check the other buildings we posted in or the window painting. Humans can be such arseholes...


Aug. 19th, 2001 11:53 am
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Slight scheduling error guys. Sorry.
I can't dso the Pagan Pride Day after all. I've already paid to go to Anime Weekend Atlanta that weekend.. So I can't attend PPD, and I won't be in town for anyone to crash at my place.
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This would be a really cool time for my buddies from home to come visit. HINT HINT.

East Alabama Pagan Pride Day 2001
September 23, 2001 (SUNDAY) Noon till 9:00 PM CST
Auburn University Arboretum, Auburn, AL

East Alabama Pagan Pride Day is co-sponsored by The Auburn University
Student Pagan Association and The Church of the Spiral Tree. It is a
day-long event that aims to unify the spirit of Paganism while educating everyone on
what Paganism really is in modern times. The day will be filled with
educational workshops and information booths that hope to dispel the myths
and fantasy of today's mainstream perception of Pagans. We will close the
day with a public Equinox Ritual and a Potluck.

NOTE: We especially need people to volunteer to lead workshops (And as
always all vendors are welcome, provided there is enough space.)

Attendance is open to all ages and the General Public is highly encouraged
to attend. A Potluck will take place in the evening after the Equinox
ritual, but you should bring your own snacks and drinks for the day.

Admission: Please bring two (2) canned or non-perishable food items to be
donated to the East Alabama Food Bank. Last year we raised over 260 pounds
of food. Let's see if we can beat that total!


Take Hwy. 280 East towards Auburn for approx. 95 miles (total distance from
Birmingham to Auburn). On the way, you will go through Alexander City,
where you'll cross over Lake Martin/Tallapoosa River, then through
Dadeville. After Dadeville, you'll go about 16-18 miles (just about 30
miles from the Lake Martin/Tallapoosa River bridge in Alex City, if it
helps). You will see Hwy 147 come into 280 from the left. Next, there is a
Rest Stop on the left, and a Conoco gas station on the right. Beside the
Conoco, there is a road on the right, which is Hwy 147 heading south. Turn
RIGHT onto Hwy 147, which is North College St. Travel about 4 miles until
you cross the railroad tracks, and go through downtown Auburn. You'll then
see the University campus on the right. Continue straight through the
following intersections after the railroad tracks: Glenn Ave., Magnolia
Ave., Thach Ave., Roosevelt. Look for the Heart of Auburn motel and the
Barbeque House on the left. The next intersection is Samford Ave. Go past
this intersection, and take the very next RIGHT (there'll be signs out for
PPD). This is Garden Drive. The Arboretum is on the left. You can park
along the street, or in the little parking lot on the left.

Hotel Information:
For Auburn Hotel Information please visit http://auhotels.cjb.net

Rules and Regulations:
1. Alcoholic Beverages and illegal substances are strictly prohibited. Anyone violating this rule will be escorted off the premises immediately.
2. No glass bottles of any kind.
3. No weapons of any kind (including athames) are allowed at the event. Please leave them at home.
4. EAPPD is open to people of all ages. As such, please watch your behavior and language while at the event.
5. No photography is allowed unless you have verbal permission from all parties to be photographed.
6. No picking leaves from any of the trees or other plants. The trees atthe arboretum are protected species of the University. If any guest of EAPPD is seen picking leaves, they will be asked to leave the event.
7. No loud music or other noise.
8. No open flames of any kind. The University police will be periodically patrolling the area checking for such things.
9. Do not leave any trash or cigarette butts on the ground. Please respect the grounds and pick up your trash. Trash receptacles will be on site for your needs.
10. Media personnel may be on site to cover the event. Please treat them with respect.
11. As always, any unruly or disruptive behavior will be grounds for dismissal.

What to bring: (Suggested Items: *)
Potluck Dish
Two (2) canned or non-perishable food items to be donated
Notebook and Pen to take notes during workshops*
Snacks and Sodas*

And my buddies from home could come down a day early and crash at my place.
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My last final for the semester, Calculus, is at 8pm tonight. Wish me luck! Wow, this marks the end of my first year of college. Amazing.

Feh. I screwed up. I told myself that I was just going to make friends this year and not so much as think the word boyfriend for myself. I've managed getting friends pretty well I think, but I've also managed to develop a three crushes. Gods i'm an idiot. Oh well. I wouldn't be looking for a serious relationship anyways, NO WAY IN HELL I am ready to deal with that. None of them know, and they shan't know unless: I get brave/decide I actually have a chance/decide I'm ready to deal with having a boyfriend (time-wise and emotional-wise). Mwa ha ha ha. No big loss to the world anyways.

Let's see. For anyone who's actually talked to me recently, you know I participated in a May Day ritual play on the 28th of last month. The pictures came up on the Pantheon website, so I downloaded them and made an online scrapbook for May Day 2001. Enjoy!

Well, after my exam I must clean up around here since ppl are coming down tomorrow. The bathroom must at least be presentable. Damn suitemates...

My May Day Costume"Why do people rebuild things they know are going to be destroyed? Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever? Think how meaningless each of your lives is!"

- Kefka, FFVI
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It seems so at least...
I ended up going to the Pantheon dinner thing.

No regrets. It was very nice to spend that little bit of extra time with those people. I really do care about them. Maybe it's stupid because I am risking being hurt, but I can't help but to care about them. I gave Amber the poster of StoneHenge i've been meaning to give to her since winter break, and I gave Brett my most recent medicine bag. I hope they like them.

Only one thing didn't come out too great. I mentioned the idea of Otherkin to the Pantheon kids at the Blue Bagel. I didn't present it as I was one, I said that i'd come across an interesting online community and asked if they'd ever heard of it. I then proceeded to describe it to them.
Cliff started laughing. Gods... I thought I was going to get angry with him or just get up and run out. I rememer his reaction more so than anyone else's because he was sitting right across from me. I couldn't bring myself to look at anyone else's face. I was afraid that they would laugh too, I can't remember if they were or not. Probably were. I laughed some myself and said something to the effect of "yeah, but they're really interesting to talk too." Cliff told me that "interesting" was probably the best word to use for groups like that. He added that it was possible, but he had always been incarnated as a human. The initial reaction hurt though. Christina added that people are always telling her how elf-like or pixie-ish she is. Cliff laughed and agreed and joked about imagining her just phasing out and back in, and how he would ask her how her trip was.

Feh. Nevermind. I'm stronger than this. I don't care. I am what I am and do not regret it. I was only sad to hear that from Cliff. But it is a hard idea to swallow; I understand. He's too nice a person for me to get angry about it, everyone who was there is.

Heh. This from a girl who still holds a grudge against a guy for a comment he made when I was 12. Of course it was a bad comment and he only got worse through the years, but I never really gave him a second chance after that. Heh. Perhaps i'm no longer the queen of grudges.

After the Blue Bagel I walked bay to the Student Union to catch the last tape of the Anime Club meeting. Cliff was giving a ride home to everyone, but I opted to walk. I like walking after my meetings, gives me time to think.

At the last of the Anime Club meeting, it turns out Matt will be making dinner Saturday and we scheduled to meet for ice cream on dead day where Matt could come, so Chris won't make it. It should be nice though.

Damn It All "You are extremely avoiding the contact of the first kind. Do you fear to feel other people? Being ignorant of others, you will never be either betrayed nor hurt, though you'll never escape from feeling loneliness. A person cannot erase that forever... However, people can forget, and thus are able to live."

- Kaoru Nagisa, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Damn. Why was the chorus to this song stuck in my head on the way to Anime Club from the Blue Bagel?
~ SONG ~
And then he went to the roof
Where his threats ring loud and clear
Gonna jump, Gonna jump
Gonna die this year

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Damn It All "Funny how laughter looks like crying without...the sound...Strange how raindrops taste like tears without...the pain"

- Kelly Thomas

It's really sad, now that I think about it. My last club meetings of the year are today. Damn...

Pantheon at 7pm as well as Anime Club at 7pm. My normal solution is go to the hour long meeting of Pantheon, then go to the Anime Club meeting until whenever. But, I want to go to the out to eat thing with the Pantheon kids after the meeting tonight.

I saw Brett, who was at May Day (Queen Of Winter), at the induction into some idiotic honor frat. We had both gotten in. He was the only one there that I knew, and he was kind enough to come talk to me. I'm not used to people doing stuff like that. It was nice of him. It also reminded me how much I've really come to care about the Pantheon members. I want to get to know them better, but i'm too afraid of being pushed away or getting hurt, or hurting them to do anything about it. Anyways, that's why I want to go this evening to the dinner thing.

But then again, there's Anime Club. It's not the last time i'll see them this semester because we're planning to have dinner out saturday evening, all of us except Matt. That's why I was planning to schedule a little go grab ice-cream together thing on dead day, thursday. But there's a schedule conflict, Matt is only free up until 3pm and Chris is only free after 6pm. Since Matt can't make Saturday, I really want to schedule it where he can make it. But that's just it, it isn't scheduled yet, and Matt will have left before I could get back to Anime Club if I do the dinner thing with Pantheon.

Looks like i'm going to forfiet a chance to get better aquainted with Pantheon kids in lew of scheduling later stuff with Anime Club kids.
I hate this... I don't want to skip out on either group. Damn my luck...

I'm really going to miss all of them this summer, although the Anime Club is supposed to come visit me at home at some point.

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Hey all. This'll be my first post in regards to me leaving college.

For the summer! Summer only! Heh. Worry you for a second? Doubtful. Not like anyone'd notice.

I had fun today. I was the crone for the May day ritual today. I 'killed' the May King with a wooden shojo mallet. That was so funny. Poor guy. He was helping out by playing that part for us.
Actually the poor guy part came in before I killed him, he was tied to the May Pole and tortured by almost everyone... Lipstick on his face, feathers, "dry-humped" [to use his terms] by the Man/Woman... He's not even pagan, his girlfriend, the May Queen is. "That's what you get for dating a pagan" as Cliff put it.
It was fun, after ritual we sat around talking, listening to music general fun-ness. I really enjoyed it.
I left when it started raining, I didn't want my car to get stuck in mud or something.

Next weekend I pack up and go home. One week kiddos. Wow...
I didn't think it was coming so soon. Just when I was starting to really care about people... It's probably for the best. I refuse to create yet another weakness for myself. Caring for people... is a weakness that I will not allow myself to have. It only puts both them and myself in danger. I won't have it.

...I thank you for your offer, but I do not really fit in here. To tell you the truth, I do not feel like I fit in anywhere or at any time period in this world...
- Robo, "The Year of Robo Ch. 25" by Robo
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Ok, so i've been up since seven... sue me.
I've been watching my cartoons! Heh, I am an official loser...

Ah, well. No one cares.

I went to Cliff's b-day party last night. He's turning 21 sunday, and he finished getting his tattoo [a celtic knot on his back] and got some ear piercings before the party. ^_^ Happy Birthday!

This morning, I am wondering what the hell got me out at a party last night. I don't do parties. I can barely deal with people. I don't dance. EVER.
Either college is changing me, or I feel strangely [for me comfortable regarding people is strange] comfortable around the people from the Pantheon. I actually danced last night. I danced for more than 30 second intervals without turning bright red and melting back into the wall. That's better than any of my friends back home have ever gotten from me. I had fun. I'm really glad Cliff invited me.

I didn't even know I was going for sure until about 2 hours before, and the entire drive there my brain was screaming... "What the hell do you think you're doing? You hate parties! You don't deal well with people. Turn around while you still can! You're just going to feel like the outcast invited to the prep's party like you always do!"
Damn Loner nature...

I was afraid that it would be true though...

Yes, this is really me... Yuck."The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn." - H.G.Wells

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