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Although, thanks to Mary suggesting I cosplay Misfit at D*Con last year, I'm now a fan of "Birds of Prey" and starting to read a little "Secret Six".

So... Updates on the Young Justice cartoon.
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The Dragon*Con 2010 costume line-up/to-do list. Days are undecided, except Blue Spirit will be at least Saturday morning, due to having signed up for the parade group.
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Runaways v3 #11
Looking interesting again with this new arc and creative team. Klara/Rose annoys the hell outta me, but at least the issue wasn't creepily Nico-centric again. It's a team book. Balance writers. Balance. You're starting to get it.
Downside? If this 4-issue arc ends with Chase, Old Lace, AND Gert dead, I'm done. (Given, Gert's been dead a while.) They're the characters I read Runaways for. I am/was warming up to Victor, but the-team's-emotional-punching-bag is not a fun character long term.
Not sure I care for the art.

Superman #689
Was there a point to this issue?
Recap of current events and Mon-El does a non-compelling world tour for no apparent reason. Even the aside with Steel didn't really accomplish anything new. set-up for next issue, sure, but nothing really happened. I could've skipped this issue and never noticed.
Some of the two page spreads were done such that I wasn't sure what order I was supposed to be reading the panels in. Not good.

Teen Titans #72
Open on an unidentified TT funeral.
Scene change. YESTERDAY.
Angst Cassie angst.
Prance the female cast about in skimpy clothing.
Newer team members go to the fair while Cassie does TT work.
Make Blue Beetle look like a socially awkward idiot. Jamie is a smart kid fer chrissakes.
Beat that by having EVERYONE ostracize Kit --who doesn't even get plain clothes and they stop drawing him into the scenes after establishing that he's there ~somewhere.
Cassie meet trap. Violence. Blood.

I'm ready for the Young Justice '09 reunion, like NOW.
DC has promised a stable team and to start character-building again come #75. This is the closest we've gotten to a character rather than gore driven issue in ages, and they still had to beat Cassie to a bloody pulp. They've hinted the stability will be a result of returning old team members. I'm hanging in for the promise of a return to a non-gory Teen Titans.

Co-Feature: Ravager
Rose has a bad drug trip. Hallucinates Cassie. Her powers are shorting out, and she gets lost in the snow. With her, I expect the violence with minimal reason or story. It's part of her character.
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More comic reviews.
New trick. All reviews must remain less than or equal to 100 words.

Unwritten, Irredeemable, Flash: Rebirth, Action Comics, R.E.B.E.L.S., Titans, Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance, 1/2 Prince

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Okay guys, let me tell you.
I found my cheer ups in the DCU comics today.

The reason for this is obvious.
(I've been harping on this and the theories as to why for MONTHS. This is not spoilers for the people that read my LJ.)

*** Under the cut is full of DCU spoilers. ***

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