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Okay, so the well-known artist of the pretty-pretty Disney Heroes series made a blog post a bit ago. David Kawena had a journal post about the creator of animated TV show "Ren & Stimpy" (John K) making an entry on his blog about "the recycled 'stock' material in animated movies, especially Disney, specifically 'TANGLED'."

The blog post Kawena linked (the one by John K.) was rambling, incoherent, and outright offensive, using uncredited art and bashing gays for no particular reason.

However, Kawena said [despite being insulted with the offensive wording of the blog in question], "I agree with him about recycled look regarding most CGI films, especially everything that came after the ground-baking "Toy Story" in 1995, all the way to the new "Tangled" movie".


Now for me, this is a case where I have to disagree on the "stock look" issue. I've seen people harping on Disney for this a lot lately. Amusingly, a lot of these same people praise "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Shrek".
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Jun. 15th, 2001 09:40 pm
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I went to see Atlantis with Randi this afternoon. It was great! I love it! We noted some interesting connections about the use of a star and that a few theories say the Atlantians were the "Star People" mentioned in other cultures. Aliens, who brought all kinds of technology to this world. Also, the use of spirals and circles was so predominant in the city. Have you noticed how every culture builds a lot of things around circles or circular cycles? Almost every religious symbol involves a circle: Celtic knots, the pentagram, circle of life, the list goes on... I had really already thought of the entire circles and cycles thing years ago, but it was great seeing it hit Randi for the first time. Was I that happy when I made the connection? I dunno. Hmmm... Connections are fun...

On the drive back we enjoyed the thunderstorm moving in and talked about the puzzles life presents. Randi commented that you're always getting little pieces to the the big puzzle, and by the time you can put it all together, it's too late. She continued to say that it was so great that everything was coming together so ewell the last couple of days. I had to agree with her a lot of stuff seems to be coming together recently. Don't you think so? Jenni, Dusty? I added, "Makes you wonder if it's really too late and we just don't know it yet."

Anyhow, I continued on to dojo after that. I was 30 minutes late. ^^;; We worked on the basic nine and 1st dragon as well as panther claw. ^_^ Elm says i'm getting good. *happiness* When we were going into a katta set after working on panther, Elm decided to do a random test by moving an arm towards me in a crane attack. I caught it with a panther claw block and brought my other hand in a punch at his chest/face area without really thinking about it. He fell back against "Mr. Bag" hard enough to slam it into the wall. I turned and started katta without really realizing what I had done. Strange for me who would usually spend five minutes apologizing for something like that. The phone rang, and Elm went to get it.

As I did katta, it felt as though I had broken my pinky on the punching hand, it felt like a splinter of bone was on the outside of the pinky and had been pushed up one knuckle length. Very painful. I went over to the green mat, panicked saying something was wrong with my hand even as Elm was telling me it was Randi on the phone for me. I think I scared Elm. Hell, I was scared, and trying to determine for sure whether or not it was broken. Elm told Randi he'd call her back and got me to describe the pain and told me it wasn't broken, it was a reaction to the attack on him a moment earlier. Apparently one of my nerves, one connected to the heart chakra, was freaking out because I had just launched a chi blast at Elm, and it had come out through my pinky. It's happened to him before. The pain went away with his prescribed reaction, so my thought now is, "I gotta learn to control that!" Heh, I'm excited at the prospect.

But it kind of explains my reaction and thoughts, or lack there of. I'm used to random attacks astrally... Doing a quick energy blast to get rid of the attacker and continuing without much thought or reaction to what I've done is a conditioned reaction. I guess it hurts to do that on fellow humans without being properly prepared. Not to mention I had just charged a ton of energy from the thunderstorm outside. So it was a lot to be releasing all of a sudden, since I wasn't being terribly careful.

Oh. And no, no Shadow Walker today. Since the local wind spirit has been a good friend for so long, and my fav thing to do has been creating storms, 'Walkers tend to avoid me during storms around here.

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