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Yes, I be screwed up muchly...
Okay, my last final is today. At 5pm. It's multiple choice, open note.
I also have to turn in a paper to english today. I need to tweak a final draft and print, so i'm good and set.

I've finished Owlsight and Owlflight by Mercedes Lackey, and when I couldn't find Owlknight, the final book in the trilogy, I picked up Beyond The World's End. I picked it up this past weekend, I'm currently a chapter or two short of finishing it. ML's writing is addictive. Crack on paper I tell you! Yeah... I'm crazy...

Something I've discovered, along with the 2 tons of books she writes, ML also write song lyrics based on peope and events in her books. They have the sound of classic bardic music, which I haven't heard any decent forms of in forever. I think i've downloaded enough via Morpheous now to fill 2 or more CDs. Addictive.

Anyhoo... About Beyond the World's End and the title of my entry. Here is proof of my stress I think. There's this little creature in the book, a Redcap that calls himself Urla. I can't describe him properly, but sure as sunlight, ML can. And I can picture him perfectly. Especially since that point where he snuck up behind Banyon in the forest in UnSeleighe Sidhe territory. Nothing in sight, but his shoulders crawled. There was someone behind him. He could feel it. Eric got to his feet, turning around slowly, shields at full, to see what had startled the forest. He stared. It looked like a giant lawn gnome brought to hideous life. Upright, it would probably stand almost four feet high, but it was bent over so far it was hard for Eric to judge it's size, balancing on grimy bare feet and knuckles of it's long, apelike arms. It was wearing human clothes, centuries out of date -- calf-length leather pants and a long grimy smock that might have been white once but was now soiled to grimy brown. It's face was a caricature of a human face -- almost noseless, with tiny piggy eyes. On it's head it wore a crusty brownish-red cap that it had dipped in some thick liquid that was flaking away now as it dried. The creature stank of undefineable things. When it saw Eric's face, it smiled, the grin spliting it's nightmarish face impossibly wide. It's mouth was filled with long yellow teeth. Sharp yellow teeth. Adding to the description, the red liqiud is blood, the creature eats pain and fear, and then kills the creature it feeds off of, dipping it's hat in their blood, it's power determined by the amount of blood soaked into the hat. The description of it killing someone had it walking forward, arms swinging, disturbing grin showing pointed teeth. It paused. Then jumped and bit into the man's throat. Yeah, read about that bit of fun about midnight-1or2am with my special brand of imagination and a perfect mind image of the thing. I expected to have nightmares about the creature.
6:00am, my alarm goes off. No nightmares. Not that I can recall at least. hit the sleep button once, turn the alarm off when it comes on again, remembering that my cell phone's alarm clock will go off at 45 after. Lay there trying to sleep again. Hear a very faint... knock at the front door. Figure you must be hearing things. The knock comes again, a bit louder now. You realize whatever's knocking would have to be about two-three, under four feet tall. That rules out all your neighbors. The knock comes again, louder, with a sense of something wanting in. You put a little more energy into your shields and send a 'go away' thought to it. The knock comes again. Go away. Again and again, each time, a Go away. At last adding, 'Go away. I sleep now. Try again at noon.' If it's anything massively bad, can't be out in direct sunlight, maybe... The knock comes again. 'Go away. Try later.' The knock stops.
about ten minutes later, the cell phone alarm goes off and I get up. Was I half-awake, dreaming it, misinterpreting other sounds? I'd thought I was pretty awake. Makes me feel absolutely insane whren this sort of thing happens. But... such is life. And hells if I'm gonna go check at the door to see if anything's there. Besides, my entire direct light thing is screwed, Auburn's been covered in thick mist 24h a day for the past three days. No direct sunlight, even a t noon, you cant see the sky, hell you can barely see the top of the football stadium.

^_^ Welcome to Lycorne's screwed up world.
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It was kinda cool though...
In that mass destruction, a lot of people are gonna die, the world is ending kinda way...
You had to love the special F/X.

I was at my computer, at home, not my apartment or the home my family lives in now, but i still had that "at home" impression. It was pretty late and i was at... get this... the weather channel website. Absolutely excited about what I was reading. That's about the time I started seeing things through my own eyes rather than the distant, "oh look it's me, let's watch" style dream it began as.

The website was saying some pretty weird stuff, referencing things like the % of some weird gases/chemicals in the air(i got the impression they were leftovers from bombings). And that there was something even called a *************(can't remember the word, but it was long and scientific sounding, and made me think of nukes) fallout % that was pretty high. Because of all the factors, the moon was going to appear todrop almost onto the cities, then rise up from them, and be non-visible for the remainder of the night. It was an unusaul occurence and as the weather channel ppl said, worth watching. But due to percentages and stuff, don't go out side if you can help it, because lot of lightning would be produced.

I ran to the front door to see it, and downtown in the city, you saw the moon rising up out of it, like some sort of enormous balloon, 4 or 5 houses could've easily fit inside, probably more. I was getting ready to step outside when you saw this yellow glow around the moon, and lightning started hitting. It went not from cloud to ground, but from the moon to anything. I froze with my hand an inch from the front door's doorknob when one hit the front porch and subsequent ones pounded the brick sides of the house. The moon strangely enough was the shade of orange you see it sometimes, with dark blue places all over it. That was really odd.

I watched the moon rise like that, until i could no longer see it without going outside.

My parents woke up and came out of their room as I was walking down the hall to my room again. I told them what was going on with the moon, and being curious like me, they went to the front door to look. And when they couldn't see it, opened the dfoor, even as I yelled at them not to. One of our cats slipped outside in that moment they froze. I just kinda went wide-eyed and told them about how the lightning had acted and that we ought to get the cat back inside. They agreed, and we all stepped onto the front porch. The moon was gone now.

People we knew were all standiing outside talking, and we just kinda joined them. Some were dressed, but most everyone was in pajamas and robes. I found Jenni and Aaron in the crowd. Jenni had a camera with her, and I had my video recorder, no idea why though. We took a couple of shot of each other and Aaron, and I scanned the crowd.

As we did so, we could see a take off from an airport a little distance away. Just far enough away to make the planes look about the length of a car. It was a mass takeoff. First maybe five jets shot up into the night sky, and right behind them, just this cloud of (i'm guessing) about 10-15 jets and cargo-sized planes (like those bomers from old war movies). Jenni and I, natural started taking pictures and recording it. In our shock we had missed most of the good shots of it. A couple of minutes later a second cloud of planes took off, twice as large as the previous one. Jenni and I got good shots of this one, then as we looked down at our cameras, a weird message came up, then reported status ******* 0. My dad was nearby so we asked him about it and he said someone over at the base must've been tracking for anyone recording the take offs, and it was a good thing that neither of our cameras were status registered.

*wake up*
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It all began online, on LiveJournal.
Someone I was talking to. He began talking about how there were these evil creatures, alien to our world, and they needed to be exterminated, before they took over. I was hurt because some of these "creatures" were my friends, and to a degree, I was one of them. (I think this referenced the entire Otherkin idea, only suddenly elves and etc were just everywhere, manifested otherkin, and those who had never been human. I was otherkin, but couldn't manifest.) We argued about it a lot, but overall, we had a sort of friendship.

I remember his icon very clearly, black with red writing in a fantasy-like font. It said something that sometimes angered, me and other times inspired deep thought.

*jump forward*

We had agreed to meet. In fact, there was an entire little community of us who decided to meet in real life. Randi, Aaron, and Laura were the ones I already knew, who came with me.

When we got there, the person I had been talking to was Ben Elliot, older and harsher looking in the face, and his hair was longer than last I saw him. He wore all black, except a button with red writing, his LJ image. But it was still very much Ben. The one with him was Robert Duvall, my friend, not the actor. There was a harsh look to his face too, and his hair was cut short. He wore a white dress shirt with black jeans. They both looked so cold and angry, so unlike the guys I know.

They said that the four of us were part of those alien creatures, and we should die. I was in too much shock to do much at first, and somehow, Robert was able to subdue everyone while I stood in frozen shock looking at Ben. All I could do was keep saying, "Ben... Rob... no..."

Then Ben took this vial of white liquid out of his pocket. He held the vial inches from my face, making sure I could see it clearly. It was the subject of may of our debates. "This is the experimental drug I told you about. It isolates the genes of those creatures and starts tearing them apart on a molecular level." He smiled, so coldly...

Robert's face mirrored the same smile. Robert produced a hypodermic needle, the method to administer the... whatever you'd call it... He grabbed Randi by the arm and jerked her to her feet.

I suddenly was able to move again,and stepped forward. "If you have to do this, I'll do it. Don't touch her. Don't touch any of them."

"Fine." came Ben's cold answer.

He handed Rob the vial and rob filled the needle and plunged it into my arm, releasing the stufff directly into my blood.

All my strength left me, and I slumped to the ground. All feeling and emotion were gone. It was surreal. Watching as everyone's faces seemed to return to normal. Aaron, Laura, and Randi were alright again, no sign of being roughed up. Ben And Rob, though their appearance was still odd to me, their faces had soften back to the people I know. They all seemed upset. Ben and Rob were apologizing, saying they didn't understand why they'd done that, and I blacked out.
*wake up*
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Yeah... I've been gone for a long time. I haven't been keeping up with ORC, my mailing lists, live journal, my websites, anything...

Feh... Gods... Life sucks...

I got a summer job since I last posted... but i'm about to quit... Yeah... I know, sounds bad right? I have good reason actually.
The guy I'm working for, scares me. A lot.

Here's how it started... I mentioned to my very cool dojo sensei, Elm, that I was looking for a summer job. A guy Elm helps out, Mark, was looking for someone to do some computer work, file papers and run an occasional errand. Sounded like a decent deal. I went to meet Mark and talk to him about the job. He said that it involved the previously mentioned stuff and pay would be $5 an hour. I would come in twice a week, and the hours would be very flexible. It sounded like a good deal. I got bad vibes about being there, but it sounded good, so I took the job. He then sat there for an hour or more talking to me about his spirituality and then tried to tell me what I was like and what my powers were. That sort of thing makes me extremely uncomfortable. I'm a very private person about that sort of thing. And yes, I'll talk about it a lot in my websites, but there's a fairly good level of animosity there, and very few people visit my sites. And he kept talking about my eyes, that they were "spirit eyes" and very beautiful. He then proceeded to play three very long songs on one on the flutes he makes, and out of politeness I listened. I kept thinking he'd give me a chance to excuse myself. He didn't. I had to stop him and say I needed to leave. He very much creeped me out, but I had already agreed to the job, and I figured that wouldn't happen again.

Despite my instincts screaming at me to run the other way, I came back for my first day of work. Mark was away doing something, but Elm was there. I'm comfortable around Elm, so while Elm made "authentic indian jewelry" and cleaned house, I organized Mark's office area, then joined Elm in cleaning. It wasn't too bad. Except for the dead mouse in Mark's office, and it's droppings... ewww....

The next time, my instincts to not go were screaming even louder; I went anyways. I did some cleaning and computer work and started helping to make the stuff Mark sells online, several people were there doing similar stuff. All I could see Mark actually do was tune flutes, show people how to initially do a job, and talk on the phone to his adoring fans. -_- I needed to see when I should come back again so I had to wait for Mark to get off the phone. Elm, Chad and everyone else left, and finally Mark came out. He gave me a tiger's eye arrowhead necklace, which I did not ask for or want. When I tried to refuse he told me not accepting it would be insulting him, and basically told me I had to take it. I took it, not all to happy about the situation. He then showed me what he wanted done while he was away at a convention type thing, and told me to come back wednesday to do it, then come again next Wednesday when he returned. I was to come in at 6:30 am on wednesday to go with Elm anmd Chad to Lincoln County High School to cut branches off the willow trees there for dream catchers and then run scandisk and defrag his computer, and organize some paperwork for his 200 taxes which he hadn't started yet. His extension would be coming to an end soon. He then kept me for at least 45 minutes talking like he had before. It didn't help my fear that he only pulled this when no one else was there. I made myself a promise that If he showed up as a threat in my dreams, I absolutely couldn't work there.

Wednesday rolled around. That night he had become a threat in a dream...

My dream... I was coming in to work. Mark was supposed to be away at a convention or whatever the hell you call the things he goes to to sell his art, most of which, interestingly enough, is made by the people working for him who aren't much in native american blood if any at all. Mark was there. In fact there was like a party of some sort going on. There was music, alchohol, and snow cones [no idea where that came from...]. I got the impression it was someone's funeral. I think it may have been Venus, his buisness partner/(ex?)signifigant other(?). It was really weird.

Elm came up to me with some strange outside job that we were supposed to go help Chad with.

Outside, we saw Chad leaning against a truck talking to the driver. He turned around to wave at us as we approached, and the driver, Callie [a friend of mine] yelled out the window, "Come on,we gotta go!". I hopped in the back of the truck and Calllie startted to drive away as I noticed that the place we were at looked more like my family's old house on a colde sac in town. Callie stopped the truckat the entrance and said, "Don't you have work to do? Jenni and I were going to go somewhere fun." I was a little shocked, but agreed with her and got out of the truck as Jenni ran across the pavement to jump in the truck. The two of them sped off.

I walked over to where Elm and Chad were tying something to what in that old neighborhood would have been the side of my next door neighbors' fence, furthest from my old house. I think Mark and his party were in my house.

They told me to get the next fence over ready and I saw my little brother, frightenedly working on fixing a chain link fence around the yard of what used to be Jim's house. [When we lived there, Jim was a very creepy old man who lived on the opposite side of Chris and Jesse, the aforementined next-door neighbor, from us. Mom and dad always told us to stay away from him, he had some sort of weird record with thecops, where he had sexually abused his niece or full grown daughter or granddaughter, I can't really remember, it was a long time ago. And, he, before he died or moved away, I had never been sure which, had killed someone and hid them in the basement. Anyway, the place always had massive bad vibes. No shit, huh? But, there had never been a fence before.] The backyard had been sectioned off, and these huge dogs [like seven or eight great danes, i think] were standing there, watching my brother, growling and barking, being generally vicious. Now the thing to keep in mind is that my brother is terrified of large dogs.

Mark was walking over and complained that my brother was taking to long and to stop being such a wimp. I tod him to lay off, that my brother didn't need to be doing this job because he was scared of big dogs. Mark said something or other about over reacting and proceded to enter the section of fenceing where the dogs were, I looked over as one of the dogs came running barking at full speed towards my ittle brother and I. I yelled and did something, i'm not sure what, that made the dog stop, turn around and run back. I hugged my brother.

I proceeded to yell at Mark who now stod between my brother and I and the fence's exit, telling him to screw himself, that I didn't need this job and exactly where he could put it, his attitude, his mannerisms, and his head for all I cared. I then shoved him aside[very big man, especially in comparison to me] and left with little brother in tow.

I saw my parents before I left that morning. My entire system was in a panic over the entire situation, and I wasn't sure we had permission to be cutting these trees over at the high school, you know government property and all. I didn't tell Mom and Dad about the necklace, the dream, or the comments on my eyes, but I did tell them that Mark freaked me out and that I really didn't want to go again. I was practically in tears... This is how much the entire situation has upset me. My parents gave me their blessings to quit and told me that they had never had good vibes about the job either, and if it turned out we were cutting the trees illegally, just come straight home. I went, it turned out we had permission, so I ended up working on dreamcatchers all day. I told Elm at dojo that evening that I couldn't work there anymore, and I was going to come wendesday get paid and quit, but I would also come back tuesday to do the filing and computer stuff.

My freaked little system came back tuesday and did what I was supposed to. Mark called and said for me to come back Thursday instead of wednesday to let him know what I had accomplished on the computer. This freaked me... I had this horrible fear that he had told everyone else to not come then too. I was scared.

I came back, thursday, today, at the time Elm advised, 8am, when everyone else comes in to work normally. No one was there. Mark's truck was behind the house, but I think he uses a different vehicle, he had left that one for us to use in getting willow branches. I knocked on the front door, and after a time, at the back door. No one answered, so I left. I don't want to go back. The idea of returning terrifies me. I dunno what to do...

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