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i haven't been able to acess LJ for a while, so... sorry i dissapeared.

Not much is going on. I'm moving to Auburn not this friday but next. So that should be odd. *sigh* My brother starts back at school tomorrow. Jenni's coming over to hang out tomorrow. I should be hanging out with Rob friday... I'm car-less. It's getting a paint job. It'll be blue.
Page 10 of my comic went up today. http://legendoffour.keenspace.com

I saw the weirdest lightining the other day. It flashed to fill up the entire sky, then pulled in on itsself to form a ball, then dissapeared. This happened at least twice. It gave off some really odd energy. And I gathered a good bit of it.
I used it to make two astral pendants a day or two later. One is a flat circle of translucent white stone, like moonstone,with a carving of a cloud and lightning on it, and the other is a dragon of the same material. As I formed them I kept reffering to the energy as being the "ancient magic" in my head, but couldn't define what that meant. I'm giving the lightning pendant to Jenni.

Oh yeah...

May. 2nd, 2001 12:07 am
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I forgot to mention...
Some weird shit happened while I was gone.

Something ripped a fucking hole in the shielding around my dorm. I have no idea what did it or why, but i'm walking back and as I approach the dorm my entire head feels like it's been stuffed full of cotton or something and it seems incredibly heavy and aches. I suddenly feel as though I should be running back towards the dorm, full battle aura raging. It was like it needed protection there, now.

I didn't run though. I walked and as I got there, I could sense it. A huge jagged hole in the shield that has been giving me a pain in the ass since I moved in here. I've put a patch on it. Should hold for the time being. I wonder what it was...

Beau (Anime Club) sensed something up at Foy Student Union and sent me an e-mail asking about it. I didn't sense anything, but I was pretty damn distracted at the time.
I know you are much more sensitive than I so I was wondering, did you sense anything in Foy tonight? I caught something before club but lost it before I could identify its source.
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In magic there is a theory (The Law of Infinite Universes) that "says that there are an infinite number of ways by which to view the universe and therefore, again by the Law of Pragmatism, there are an infinite number of universes. This law is a result of the Law of Infinite Data. With infinite data, you get infinite ways to manipulate the patterns and meta-patterns of that data, probably a higher order of infinity, but leave that to the mathematicians. A point to consider: You are made up of billions and billions of different atoms and molecules in an unique energy pattern. If even one atom changes, so do you. In fact while reading this sentence you did. Several millions of atoms were inhaled and exhaled: several billions of your cells did their thing, some breaking down and others building up. You are not the same person you were 10 seconds ago, and though your meta-pattern keeps you from noticing it, your mind has changed as well. Brain cells have died, and others have stored the sensations from all over your body--these very words are changing you. Only the saving conservatism of your meta-pattern allows you to retain an identity. No one is ever the same... In a way, we all live in different universes. Remember, your universe depends on your sensations and how you classify them. The former is a matter of physical equipment; the latter, of your cognitive organization. Change either one and you move to a different universe."

Okay. I do have a point here. Re-read te bolded portion. This law basically means that if you can not just believe, but know, that you can do something, you can do it. There's an argument in regards to it that says the reason you don't see kids [i'm choosing kids because they don't really understand the laws of physics yet] running around shooting fire from their fingertips or flying through the air is because the disbelief on the part of everyone else makes it impossible to break these laws because the belief against breaking them is so strong.

When no one is watching, in theory, you can fly, if you really believe you can, because no one is there for their beliefs to affect the laws around you. Anyone ever watch Mystery Men? This is the same theory that made it possible for that one guy to become invisible but only when no one was watching.

If we put all the people who not just believe but know that magic is real, would magic become something stronger and more potent because there was no one to not believe in it? Could I fly then? Could I form a ball of lightning between my hands? Could I watch a unicorn heal someone by thrusting their horn through the heart?

Damn you people who's beliefs confine my abilities...

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