May. 19th, 2010 10:45 pm
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Okay. So I had 2 free tickets for a special preview screening of Splice tonight. With the director present for live Q&A after the film. (Which was an incredibly cool opportunity.)

The short of it. Spoiler free.

The movie was good. It was thought-provoking. The special effects were excellent. The story flowed pretty well. The themes. Oh god, I could talk about the ethics and the science and the gender role issues in this film for hours upon hours.

Splice is a modern day adaptation of Frankenstein. And it is just as disturbing and thoughtful as Frankenstein is meant to be.
It is good, and I advise seeing it.

I'm glad I got to have director Q&A after the film, because it added knowing the intent and hearing how the audience received the movie.

A note of warning.
This movie is disturbing. It earns its R rating in a couple of ways and I am so freaking disturbed right now.
But I think it was so worth seeing.

(Spoiler-ific review will be written when I get around to reviewing the last 3 movies I've seen.)
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Okay. Movie's out.
I went and paid theater prices to see it --when Brett & Lex both voted for it as the movie to see together on Saturday night. In fact, I paid three ticket prices. (Brett, Lex, you guys still owe me $$ for picking up your tickets. $11 each.) Yes, I saw the leaked version. If it was at all possible, my opinion of the movie degraded upon seeing the finished version. Yes, that's right. It got WORSE.

Saving grace of seeing this movie in theater?
1. I can honestly say I saw the legal, completed version, and still hated it. Keeping myself honest, yay.
2. Brett was there to sit there and point out the plot holes and general fail with.
3. Made others suffer --not just me.
4. I will, from now on, refer to Sabertooth's claws as "bag lady nails".
5. Wade did shiny things with swords once within the first 15 minutes.
6. "Gambit" actor was pretty to look at, even if he was not very Gambit-like at all. Wet paper sack. His acting is stuck in there. Somebody help him out. I think most of the cast is in there with him.
7. Saw the Transformers 2 trailer on the big screen.

Now, for the full out review. Spoilers contained within. )
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So umm. Art block sucks.

But late last week, I posted my review of the movie DragonBall: Evolution. [livejournal.com profile] secondlina responded with her own, and we commented back and forth a little, and I now have a few short comics/illustrations in my head that I'll be trying to get out (yes, they're DBE & DBZ related). Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] secondlina for getting me drawing again.

Art is spoiler free.
On to TEH silly. )
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Reviewing the movie, DragonBall: Evolution.

Okay, one of the key things with this movie, was that I went in not expecting anything. If anything, I was expecting something way off in left field with only the same names, cheesy kung fu sequences, and a few mocking references to one of my childhood favorites.

And that's the thing. In my generation, there were two primary "Gateway Animes" DragonBall Z and Sailor Moon. Those who know what a tomboy I am already know this answer. I went the DBZ route. Given, DBZ was not actually my starter anime, but of the two gateway series for my generation, it was my drug of choice. (4am every weekday on Fox! Haha.) I still --to this day-- have never watched Sailor Moon in it's entirety. I have seen (I think) every episode of DBZ, and reasonable chunks of DragonBall and DragonBall GT. It's my baby. Trunks (future Trunks especially -- Hey, he was a bad ass back in the day) and Gohan (Goku-esque power levels and kind personality, plus he was a geek "The Great Saiyaman!" *snrk*) were my favorites.

The people I watched it with last night, there was a boy that grew up with DB and DBZ and a girl who was a Moonie with a little basic knowledge of the original.

But I digress. So, I went into the movie with a love of the original that episode-long power ups never truly killed, and no expectations for it to be true to the original. At all.
I advise watching it that way. That is the way to go into this movie.
cut for SPOILERS )

Note: There is a scene after the initial part of the credits. Stick around for it.

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