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Hey guys. We're going to have a My 2 Cents post here.
Consider yourselves fairly warned warned for some ranting.

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Okay, so I think everyone knows this already, right?

[LINK: Dragon*Con TV: What’s up with SyFy?]

SciFi Channel announces that it's changing it's name to SyFy.

Okay, let's be honest, they can't copyright/trademark the name "SciFi" and you know that has to bug the ever-loving hell out of the studio execs. Of course they want to change the name. And as Dragon*Con TV (and many other geeks have pointed out) it's been a long time since the "SciFi Channel" exclusively showed science fiction.

So understand, it's not so much the name change or the quality of the new name that people are all in a tizzy about.
Although the "changing its name to something that is phonetically identical yet spelled like a 3-year-old text messaging" is just really not helping your case SIFFY.

So why is a large percentage of the geek community up in arms over the name change?
From what I'm hearing, there are two main reasons.

REASON 1: Distancing Themselves From the Geek Demographic

It's not so much the fact that they want to do it, as it is that they listed it as one of the primary reasons for the name change as well as the way they worded that reason.
Dave Howe, president of the Sci Fi Channel:
"We'll get the heritage and the track record of success, and we'll build off of that to build a broader, more open and accessible and relatable and human-friendly brand."

Tim Brooks, TV historian who helped launch SciFi Channel:
"The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular."

[LINK: Syence fyction: because geeks are inhuman], [LINK: Sci Fi Channel Aims to Shed Geeky Image With New Name]

I am a female geek. (Hey, look at that, we exist. Welcome to the 20th21st century.) I am a software engineer. I like the science fiction and fantasy genres. I am an intelligent and social woman.

And THAT? That was insulting. You want to get a more "human-friendly brand"? You might want to start by not insinuating that your current core audience is in some fashion less-than-human and beneath you.

It's not the new name we dislike. It's the reason you gave, and the attitude it came with.

I don't see "geek" as a bad word. Most geeks do not fit that stereotyped description you gave. In fact, most people with any amount of free thinking cell in their brains realized that was a minority of the "geek culture" rather than the norm sometime during the late 1990s.
As [livejournal.com profile] dqbunny said, "We're journalists, astrophysicists, engineers, financial investigators, physicists, historians, librarians, artists, writers, students, and many other professions. We're men, women, young, and old. Pretty much all of my female friends are geeks. We are not stereotypes, and don't you dare even begin to lump some of the most brilliant minds out there into one thanks to your pathetic, small-minded, pea-sized brain."
I still watch SciFi Channel occasionally. I enjoy shows like "Destination Truth" and "Ghost Hunters" from time to time. But they aren't science fiction shows. I do not watch them because of the network they're on. I watch them for the same reasons I watch "MythBusters". It's reality TV in an entertainingly geeky light, and you might get to see something that makes you think. Those two are just the paranormal side of the coin.

This sort of insult makes me want to actively boycott the station all together, just because the attitude it's being done with angers me. I really don't care about the name switch so much as the way they're phrasing it. But I know I won't, and it wouldn't matter if I did. (It's not as though I've turned it on in months anyways.)

The network executives might want to seriously consider apologizing for how they have worded this.

I am a geek, and I am not ashamed.

REASON 2: Credit Where Credit Is Due

This reason is not as wide spread from what I've seen, and perhaps less important, but you guys know me, It's the principal of the thing.

A lot of people recognized the name "SyFy" when it came out on Monday. For the past 10 years, there's been a major science fiction website known as the "SyFy Portal". A month ago, it mysteriously changed its name to "Airlock Alpha" citing that it sold the rights to the name to an undisclosed entity.

Now that the news is out, the owner of Airlock Alpha has confirmed that they did indeed sell their name to the SciFi Channel.

SciFi is officially saying that they "worked with the branding consultancy Landor Associates and went through about 300 possibilities before selecting Syfy."
They've continued to say they made up the SyFy name completely on thier own, and only bought out Michael Hinman (founder and site coordinator for SyFy Portal/Airlock Alpha) to ensure they had the rights.
"When the New York Times first announced the story, it stated that SciFi Channel came up with the name independently using internal employees and a marketing firm. When they were confronted with the fact that SyFy had been under the use and ownership of Hinman for more than a decade by Media Post's David Goetzi, NBCU apparently stuck to its story.

A representative told Goetzi that the network conceived the "Syfy" name "completely independently" of its current usage, and that any deals struck with Hinman were simply to clear up other usages of the name they developed." [LINK: NBCU, Hinman Grapple Over 'Syfy' Moniker]

One problem with that.

"I don't own any rights to the name at all now, and have no connection to it. But at the same time, I have been making it clear that there's no way the "Syfy" name was developed independently by NBC Universal -- especially as they have worked directly with us for years, and there's nothing wrong with at least giving creation credit where creation credit is due." [LINK: Web Explodes With 'Syfy' Origin Story]

They've worked with this guy for years. He's been on the sets. SciFi's VP of programming, Mark Stern, is a friend of Hinman's on Facebook. He's been a part of many conference calls for SciFi Channel shows. NBCU blacklisted SyFy Portal for several weeks at the beginning of 2009 because of their displeasure of our spoiler news model -- one we changed specifically for them and had our blacklisting removed. [LINK: Hinman: Why The Games, SciFi Channel?]

But now they claim they've never heard of Hinman and SyFy Portal before this. They claim that they invented the name on their own.

Hinman doesn't want more money, but as I said:
It’s the principal of the thing.
Give credit where credit's due.

(This post inspired by [livejournal.com profile] dqbunny's and the general outcry occurring on Twitter and various Sci-Fi/News blogs.)
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(EDIT: Fixed the link. Sorry, you guys not on his friend's list will have to miss Silas's awesome art of Barbie pwning a Bratz.)
That's Right Bitch!
No sluts in the doll house PLZKTHX.

But seriously. I code for a living. I know this deal. You sign a bunch of stuff when joining this sort of company, and anything you create within your professional field and/or on company time is legally theirs. You sign that paperwork. It's all pretty cut and dry.
Heck, if I wrote a fantasy novel right now, I'd have to go through checks and red tape with the company to ensure it was unrelated to my work before I could ensure I legally owned all of the content and could publish it. That's how this works, and I know it going in. I read my contracts.

Besides. I hate those Bratz dolls.
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Entire states apart! Spread out over years!
But somebody spraypainted a smiley face with devil horns on a tree near one of them.
A regular smiley face was painted where we think that other drowned boy fell into a river 3 states away and 5 years later, but we have no proof of foul play on that one.
Sounds like a serial killer to me!
We have a case to solve! --To the Batmobile, Robin!

Behind the scenes investigating "the Smiley Face killer" - May 21, 2008 07:39 PM ET
Randi Kaye - 360° Correspondent

As a reporter, I've moved around a lot. Little Rock, Arkansas. Dallas, Texas. New York, New York. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Some stories stick with you along the way, some actually haunt you, like the story I am reporting on tonight on Anderson Cooper 360°.

While I lived and worked in the Midwest for seven years, I reported on at least half a dozen college-age men who had simply vanished.

These men would disappear after a night of drinking with friends, and their bodies would turn up in the Mississippi River or some other body of water weeks or perhaps months later. Local police always wrote them off as drunk college kids losing their way and accidentally drowning.

But what was strange was that college-age women didn't disappear, and it only happened during the winter months, never during the summers when college guys, no doubt, were also out partying.

A few hours away in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, nine male college students disappeared in a decade. Strange, right? Some locals started suggesting a serial killer might be at work but police there never could find a connection.

Well now it turns out two retired cops from New York City say the bizarre drownings of at least 40 men around the country were not drownings at all, but murder.

They say they have evidence connecting them. And guess what? The evidence is, among other symbols found at crime scenes, smiley faces. They vary in size and color but were found painted on trees and sidewalks nearby where the retired cops think the bodies were placed in the water.

Of all the cases they're examining, only one has officially been ruled a homicide. I covered that one for years in Minneapolis, so it feels personal to me.

The victim was Chris Jenkins. I got to know his parents, Steve and Jan Jenkins, who feel their son “was murdered and thrown away like a piece of trash.”

They still visit the spot where his body was pulled from the Mississippi River on the anniversary of his death. They leave a dozen red roses, and one white rose for him.

It's been 5 and a half years and when I went to the river with them a couple of weeks ago, Jan Jenkins broke down in tears. Losing a child, she said, is something you never get over.

Chris was a senior at the University of Minnesota. He was out bar hopping with friends on Halloween in 2002 and simply vanished.

Chris was a good-looking kid. A smart kid who was co-captain of the lacrosse team. Chris's image stuck with me.

Then, four years after his death, a tip from an informant suddenly led Minneapolis police to rule his case was not an “accidental drowning” but a homicide. They haven't released details about that tip but that was what detectives Gannon and Duarte needed. This was the break that has helped them continue their crusade to figure out who, in their opinion, is murdering these college men and why.

They don't believe it's the work of one person. It would be too much for just one killer since the cases span 11 states and 25 cities.

This is personal for Detective Gannon, too. Turns out, in 1997 when he investigated the drowning death of Patrick McNeill, a college student at New York City's Fordham University, he made a promise to his parents that he wouldn't quit until he solved it. That was where it all started and he's still going.

Could all of this be a coincidence? Or is there a gang of Smiley Face killers out there targeting young college men?

The FBI told us they don't see any connection or give this theory any weight... What do you think?

Oh for the-- Did anyone else feel stupider for having read that? I did.
This is absurd. Drunk people do stupid things. I do stupid things while drunk. It happens.
Now, were some of them murders? Yeah, probably. It's possible.
Were all of them? No. P
Is there a band of "Smiley Face Killers"? Don't be ridiculous.

Have you paid much attention to local graffitti in your area? Smiley faces get painted everywere. Smiley faces with horns even. On trees, near rivers? Yeah I've seen it. I've seen guys do it too. Whether it's a hoodlum, pre-teens trying to be "cool", or some drunk guy and his buddies screwing around. No, it's not typical gang graffitti, but it is typical or more normal random/unaffiliated kids, teens, and near-adults.

Why do drownings happen more in the winter? Because your body goes into shock faster, you're less able to get yourself out of the freezing water, and if there are others with you--they're less-likely to jump into freezing water after someone.

Look at that-- Logic. You migh texpect that sort of basic logic from say-- a journalist. But whatever am I thinking?! Logic and Media? That doesn't make for good TV.

This sort of "Smiley Face Killer" talk borders on paranoid conspiracy theory. Get real America.

Of course, I might just be being pissy because the noise ofpeople tearing apart and rebuilding two cubes directly next door to me, and temporarily storing the wall pieces and tools in my cubicle.
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OMFG! LiteBrite == Bomb!!!!!!!1!!1!!eleventyone!

-- Oh wait... not really.
Ah, we look dumb... Let's ummm....
Get the infidels!
How dare they not imagine the depths of mass stupidity!
How dare they not realize that the bomb squad apparently can't differentiate between LED boards with 4 D-batteries and an actual bomb!

... Faith in John Q. Public to show signs of intelligence failing.
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Everything's so strange.
Turned on the TV this morning,
Israel was bombing Gaza.
I laughed.
I'm a terrible person...
I laughed.
Not because I was amused,
It was not funny...
But I laughed.
It's just so...
How things are.
How stupid people are.
25 or more people died...
In bombings this weekend.
When WTC happened,
I wanted those responsible punished...
But I wonder what is happening now?
Are we attacking those people who killed our people?
Or are we simply attacking a people?
I laughed.
I smiled...
I said that the camera shot were well done.
I laughed.
I smiled...
I commented on the beauty of the flames against the skyline.
I laughed.
I smiled...
I said...
I'm so gods-damned de-sensitized.
I laughed.
I smiled...
I said...
Isn't it sad....
I'm so gods-damned de-sensitized.
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15 kids just got expelled from college for doing something idiotic this past halloween. And I understand why. What i'm not sure of is... if it was right.

They made one dumb move, and are now marked for life... But then again... It was exceedingly dumb.
Yet at the same time... I'm angry.
If they had dressed up as native americans, or as muslims, or as chinese or japanese people and acted similarly... If it had been a black frat that had dressed up as hillbillys and run around being idiots... No one would have blinked.
I don't condone what happened in the least. I'm only angry because I know that the reaction would not be the same had it been anyone else...

I couldn't help but remember today...
Being the small girl who had barely become used to riding a bus to school in the past two years. Who didn't know she wasn't supposed to sit at the back. Who had bruises from being pushed down the bus steps and shoved out of seats. Because I was a white girl sitting in the wrong section of the bus, and I didn't understand why I had no right to sit there. I remember going to the school counselor in tears. I remember being told I was making up stories and over-reacting. I remember my mother trying to do something. I remember being told I was racist. I remember the counselor telling my mother she should do something about my lying and put a stop to this racist attitude I had. I remember being terrified of getting on and off the bus. Every day. I remember the only person who worked at the school who believed me and tried to help me and mom was the elementary school principal. I remember I was in middle school and Mr. Walker, the only black adminisrator being the only one willing to say something to the black girls on the bus who were a year older than me and pulling these stunts.

I remember learning what racism was was and learning the hard way what no one remembers.... It goes both ways....

I remember the fact that years later I was still scared of these girls. Scared they would get it in their heads to shove me down the bus stairs again. Scared they would get it in their heads to do something worse... I was a small kid anyways, and these girls were tall and a year older, one easily twice my size... And the three of them made me the bad guy. And I couldn't say a single thing in retaliation. Because that would be racist.

I... I can't condone racism. In any direction its wrong. What pisses me off is that no one would've given a shit if what had happened at that frat house had been anything but white kids being racist against blacks. And I would slap them if I knew those idiots. What in the hell was going through their heads?
I'm angry because someone's going to expect me to all but bow and scrape everytime a black kid gets the least bit offended. I've been there. I hated that. And it only upsets me because some people honestly believe anything less is racism. But only in that direction.
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They also wonder what I have against frats and sororities.
The frats? They seem to encourage blind following and rude crude, idiotic behavior.
Humanity? Everytime they accomplish something, no one believesit, it hasn't really be accomplished,or is ruined by people returning to it.

I hate that this:

I hate the lines it is going to draw on campus.
I hate that it destroys so much.
I hate that some of the people who are offended by this will likely group all whites into this category.
I hate that this is all over the news, and that people think this is typical of the university, of the South, of whites.
I hate that I will probably be scared to attend a black student organization event because of the hate this might stir.
I hate that the same feeling will be going on in the opposite direction.

And gods... I hate that it happened...
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AnimeNation's most recent newsletter. contained the following article...
Hayao Miyazaki Fans Unite!

In response to last week's news that the Disney Company has no intentions of releasing any further Studio Ghibli films in America, an internet petition and letter writing campaign has been formed by fans to urge Disney to reconsider its decision. A similar campaign to urge Disney to include a subtitled Japanese language track on the Princess Mononoke DVD gathered 10,000 signatures, national media attention, and ended successfully. This petition will need similar, if not more support to most likely be even partially effective. As devoted supporters of anime in general and the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli in particular, AnimeNation urges readers to take a moment to read and sign the petition and write letters to the Disney mailing address provided at http://www.petitiononline.com/3104/petition.html

I'm obviously confused....

How can they be upset about Disney wanting to get out of the anime translation buisness? I want to see the stuff translated and produced as well, but I understand Disney's position. It's logical really. It's really partially the fault of these people who run around like chickens with their heads cut off, making petitions online. "Sign this petition against allowing such and such company to dub such and such anime!"
What do you expect to happen? Really...

When one gets national attention, okay so that one demanded a sub be produced, but the way it was gone about was equally rude. Of course after having to deal with that, it's not surprising for a company to pull out of translatng anime. It's a PR nightmare! Because everyone has to bitch and complain and generally be trolls about an anime getting dubbed... Really people. Most of you started in anime via the dubbed stuff. Personally, I like to see both subbed and dubbed. I can understand a dislike of either.

But if these whining and childish petitions contnue the way they have, it'll be a wonder if anime continues being translated....

And don't sit there glomping your loved fansubs saying you don't care... If there's no risk of an anime ever being contracted, do you think fansubs will remain free or at reasonable prices? Feh...

Anyways... just my two cents...
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Robert's party is today. Yay. I've not seen Rob in a while. Must take a photo. He's changed a good bit in the last year. At least his appearance has. He's still the same sweet guy that I absolutely adore. ^_^

I had something intelligent to say before, but I've forgotten it now.
I've updated my Sketchpad.

Wow. Is this guy insane, quirkie, or an extremist Otherkin? Hrm... I do wonder.
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