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It all began online, on LiveJournal.
Someone I was talking to. He began talking about how there were these evil creatures, alien to our world, and they needed to be exterminated, before they took over. I was hurt because some of these "creatures" were my friends, and to a degree, I was one of them. (I think this referenced the entire Otherkin idea, only suddenly elves and etc were just everywhere, manifested otherkin, and those who had never been human. I was otherkin, but couldn't manifest.) We argued about it a lot, but overall, we had a sort of friendship.

I remember his icon very clearly, black with red writing in a fantasy-like font. It said something that sometimes angered, me and other times inspired deep thought.

*jump forward*

We had agreed to meet. In fact, there was an entire little community of us who decided to meet in real life. Randi, Aaron, and Laura were the ones I already knew, who came with me.

When we got there, the person I had been talking to was Ben Elliot, older and harsher looking in the face, and his hair was longer than last I saw him. He wore all black, except a button with red writing, his LJ image. But it was still very much Ben. The one with him was Robert Duvall, my friend, not the actor. There was a harsh look to his face too, and his hair was cut short. He wore a white dress shirt with black jeans. They both looked so cold and angry, so unlike the guys I know.

They said that the four of us were part of those alien creatures, and we should die. I was in too much shock to do much at first, and somehow, Robert was able to subdue everyone while I stood in frozen shock looking at Ben. All I could do was keep saying, "Ben... Rob... no..."

Then Ben took this vial of white liquid out of his pocket. He held the vial inches from my face, making sure I could see it clearly. It was the subject of may of our debates. "This is the experimental drug I told you about. It isolates the genes of those creatures and starts tearing them apart on a molecular level." He smiled, so coldly...

Robert's face mirrored the same smile. Robert produced a hypodermic needle, the method to administer the... whatever you'd call it... He grabbed Randi by the arm and jerked her to her feet.

I suddenly was able to move again,and stepped forward. "If you have to do this, I'll do it. Don't touch her. Don't touch any of them."

"Fine." came Ben's cold answer.

He handed Rob the vial and rob filled the needle and plunged it into my arm, releasing the stufff directly into my blood.

All my strength left me, and I slumped to the ground. All feeling and emotion were gone. It was surreal. Watching as everyone's faces seemed to return to normal. Aaron, Laura, and Randi were alright again, no sign of being roughed up. Ben And Rob, though their appearance was still odd to me, their faces had soften back to the people I know. They all seemed upset. Ben and Rob were apologizing, saying they didn't understand why they'd done that, and I blacked out.
*wake up*
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For Labor Day weekend. That is this Friday through Monday coming up. I will be leaving on Monday.

Plan around me! lol.
Not really. But there's a heads up.

Dojo kiddies. I should be there on friday. The time is still 3:30, right?
Rob. I better get to see you at some point during this weekend!
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Robert's party is today. Yay. I've not seen Rob in a while. Must take a photo. He's changed a good bit in the last year. At least his appearance has. He's still the same sweet guy that I absolutely adore. ^_^

I had something intelligent to say before, but I've forgotten it now.
I've updated my Sketchpad.

Wow. Is this guy insane, quirkie, or an extremist Otherkin? Hrm... I do wonder.
Tiger Man
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i haven't been able to acess LJ for a while, so... sorry i dissapeared.

Not much is going on. I'm moving to Auburn not this friday but next. So that should be odd. *sigh* My brother starts back at school tomorrow. Jenni's coming over to hang out tomorrow. I should be hanging out with Rob friday... I'm car-less. It's getting a paint job. It'll be blue.
Page 10 of my comic went up today. http://legendoffour.keenspace.com

I saw the weirdest lightining the other day. It flashed to fill up the entire sky, then pulled in on itsself to form a ball, then dissapeared. This happened at least twice. It gave off some really odd energy. And I gathered a good bit of it.
I used it to make two astral pendants a day or two later. One is a flat circle of translucent white stone, like moonstone,with a carving of a cloud and lightning on it, and the other is a dragon of the same material. As I formed them I kept reffering to the energy as being the "ancient magic" in my head, but couldn't define what that meant. I'm giving the lightning pendant to Jenni.
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I just wish I understood...
At least how I feel.
Is that so much to ask?

I spent yesterday with Robert. My best friend for the last, almost 11 years now. I've known him longer than i've known anyone else in my life. I consider his family as my family in a way. I love them all like siblings. It was great to see him again, it's been a while. I was worried though, about angering his girlfriend Brandi by hanging around too much. I know I've run off a girlfriend or two before who didn't like me. I don't want to see him hurt again like he gets after a breakup.

I guess I love Rob in my own way. I can't explain it though. I love him, I would do anything to keep from ever seeing him so much as frown, but I don't know what kind of love it is really. So he's my brother, my other little/big brother. Until I maybe can know what I feel. I certainly wouldn't change how things are now, I like how things are now.

Except, I wish I was friends with Brandi, so I wouldn't feel like I was intruding on the two of them, or so she would feel like she could tell me if I am. *shrugs* Oh well.
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Hrm... Interesting new community I happened across... Writing prompts. I think i'll try this...
journal_jar asks:
"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood but of respect and joy in each others lives. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof."

Think about your closest friends, those who are as close as, or closer than, your biological family. Who are they? What is it that brings you together? What qualities do they bring into your life?

Some of my closest and dearest friends are people who I didn't care for when I first met them, nor did they care for me.
Adam, Kelly, Ray... I thought they were bad people. When I first met them... Adam sold cigarettes to minors, Kelly practiced "black magic", and Ray, well, he was a pretentious asshole. Then I got to know them. It's hard to understand that dislike I once viewed them in. I consider them now like younger siblings. They're so dear to me.
Adam turned out to be a comical and nice guy, who wore his heart on his sleeve. Kelly was a rebel and got into trouble sometimes, but she cared deeply for her friends and had warrior-like protective tendancies. Ray is still a jerk, but under the jerk is a nice guy who would do anything for his friends and just wants someone to love. Hope he finds someone.

Then there are the people I felt as though I could trust instantly. It's so strange, that I ever felt this for anyone, as little trust as I usually invest and how long it typically takes to come. But. Jenni and Robert from the moment I met them, I knew I had found people who would be in my heart forever. I can't even explain it.

There are a very few others that fall in on a familial level with me. And then there are people who though I didn't feel instant trust, I did feel an instant need to protect and watch over them. Even though they may be stronger than I am.

It's strange. But they are my extended family.

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