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i haven't been able to acess LJ for a while, so... sorry i dissapeared.

Not much is going on. I'm moving to Auburn not this friday but next. So that should be odd. *sigh* My brother starts back at school tomorrow. Jenni's coming over to hang out tomorrow. I should be hanging out with Rob friday... I'm car-less. It's getting a paint job. It'll be blue.
Page 10 of my comic went up today. http://legendoffour.keenspace.com

I saw the weirdest lightining the other day. It flashed to fill up the entire sky, then pulled in on itsself to form a ball, then dissapeared. This happened at least twice. It gave off some really odd energy. And I gathered a good bit of it.
I used it to make two astral pendants a day or two later. One is a flat circle of translucent white stone, like moonstone,with a carving of a cloud and lightning on it, and the other is a dragon of the same material. As I formed them I kept reffering to the energy as being the "ancient magic" in my head, but couldn't define what that meant. I'm giving the lightning pendant to Jenni.
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Hrm... Interesting new community I happened across... Writing prompts. I think i'll try this...
journal_jar asks:
"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood but of respect and joy in each others lives. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof."

Think about your closest friends, those who are as close as, or closer than, your biological family. Who are they? What is it that brings you together? What qualities do they bring into your life?

Some of my closest and dearest friends are people who I didn't care for when I first met them, nor did they care for me.
Adam, Kelly, Ray... I thought they were bad people. When I first met them... Adam sold cigarettes to minors, Kelly practiced "black magic", and Ray, well, he was a pretentious asshole. Then I got to know them. It's hard to understand that dislike I once viewed them in. I consider them now like younger siblings. They're so dear to me.
Adam turned out to be a comical and nice guy, who wore his heart on his sleeve. Kelly was a rebel and got into trouble sometimes, but she cared deeply for her friends and had warrior-like protective tendancies. Ray is still a jerk, but under the jerk is a nice guy who would do anything for his friends and just wants someone to love. Hope he finds someone.

Then there are the people I felt as though I could trust instantly. It's so strange, that I ever felt this for anyone, as little trust as I usually invest and how long it typically takes to come. But. Jenni and Robert from the moment I met them, I knew I had found people who would be in my heart forever. I can't even explain it.

There are a very few others that fall in on a familial level with me. And then there are people who though I didn't feel instant trust, I did feel an instant need to protect and watch over them. Even though they may be stronger than I am.

It's strange. But they are my extended family.

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Well. Jen is banned from dojo for a month for kicking her little brother... oops. She still hasn't been fully updated on the "situation", but we'll talk tomorrow. I hope.

With 'Walkers monitoring the dojo, I wonder just what's going though It's mind... Why watch there? What is the importance? What will I do if the attack comes there, and no one else is there who can sense them? It is probably best that way though, fewer in danger...
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I got to talk to one of my crushes from college today. I was happy to talk to him, but gods, through the entire coversation I really wished he was here so I could ask for a hug. I'm really just so upset about everything that happened with Mark in the past two weeks I just really wanted someone to hold me for a little while. I mentioned the job, but he didn't seem concerned so I didn't go into it. What I wimp I am...

Now I better hope he doesn't see this and find out that I like him. He has no clue on that... Luckily.

Jenni, the only person I have that I really feel as if I could tell her anything, is away in London until the 4th. I met her boyfriend, Aaron when I came home for the summer. He seems nice, and he and I are starting to become really good friends. Jenni truly trusts him, which if you know her really well, she doesn't give hardly anyone the level of trust she gives him, she told me i'm on that small list. I was glad to hear that, because I'm the same way and she's on my small list. After dojo yesterday we just sat outside and talked for an hour. We talked about my webcomic i'm getting ready to put on keensapce, if the account ever gets created, and weird dreams we've had over the years.
"using power or being used by power... is that not a problem of the heart...?"

- Citan, XenoGears
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I was talking to one of my best friends in the world on AIM last night. I really should've saved the conversation, it was just that good... Not really, but interesting information.

You have to remember that after the Columbine Shooting my junior year, I went through hell. People were throwing shit at me and my friends during lunch and in class, saying things that in no way need repeating, literally throwing themselves against the wall in feigned terror when I walked past in the hall, calling into the school claiming I had made threats to go on a killing rampage, the administrators and school counselors told me that I should conform to the preps(I didn't), and the administrators were threatening to suspend/expel me for what was going on. Only after a week did it calm down somewhat when my friends and I who had been down to the office daily (at least) since the beginning, told the administrators that if we were called down again, we would consider it harassment and sue the school.

In current news, my friend (currently a senior at that school) has joined a nearby dojo to train in various martial arts as taught by Elm. I plan to join as soon as I move home this summer.

Anyways, Elm was in the phone store next to the Chevron in front of the dojo, and some woman asked him if he was part of that Tiger's Eagle Claw Cult. (I'll fix the name later, but I forgot what the dojo is called.) He told her no. DUH. It's a dojo, not a cult. My friend and her BF (it was him, right?) walked in and Elm told them that. They had a good reaction, they gave each other high fives and said something to the effect of: Yeah! We're in a cult!

So apparently it some sort of rumor now that the little pink dojo behind the chevron in HG is a cult. They make blood sacrifices to their demon lord, etc., etc. The idiocy of some people in that town... I just warned her to not let the school screw with her if the rumor started circulating there.

Well, she may be coming down tomorrow to help me move home. Actually it'll be more she's coming to hang out while I pack, I don't expect her to help with the actual packing.
My May Day Costume"You can't let them win. I've been where you are. Do what you have to, but don't give up. YOU CAN'T LET THEM WIN."

- Lycorne

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