Aug. 4th, 2010 02:19 pm
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I know nobody cares except us, but the plot is thickening with the Book of Air RP I'm in, and it's a lot of fun. I just wanted to share that.

Book Of Air Poster Flats

Recent Book of Air Art )

Onto something more of you will care about...

Cosplay Etc )

I think I'm going to take a cosplay props break tonight to read, participate in the RP (it's my turn next), and hopefully get a sketch or two online.


Upcoming events?
- Bianca's going away party on Thursday night, which honestly, I probably won't make. I've been burning the candle at both ends lately.
- Anime Conji Artist Alley/Dealer's Hall organizer one-on-one get our paperwork hashed out meeting (probably this weekend sometime).
- Anime Conji general staff meeting. Aug 15th, 3pm. (Someone wanting to be my AA minion assistant may be coming. Likely she'll be minion for both Barrie and I.)
- Mom & Richard visit in San Diego, Aug 22.
- My SoCali cosplay crew girls-day-out at DisneyLand, Sat. Aug 28.
- Fly out for D*Con, Weds Sept 1st 10:10pm--arrive ATL, Sept 2 11:52am.
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So Murphy's in bad shape it seems... I don't know what to say. I love that cat. I just keep hoping... It's not as bad as it seems, that he'll be okay. But... I dunno. I'm worried. To say the least. I can't even imagine how Bobby's dealing. It's his cat. But apparently, he wasn't moving this morning. Mom called me at work. To my knowledge, Murph's at the vet right now.

Lots going on this month.
I don't have a moment to pause.

I also need to do comics(throughout), Christmas shopping, find a new home for Morgan (looking so hopeless), possibly move to CA, write Tsubasa & Mullein short.

Week by Week... )

To bother people...
Ashley, Six Lefts pages?
Bobby, Christmas list?
And errr. Dragon*Con money guys. It's probably gonna have to be mailed to me. Sorry.
D*Con List )

Meh. I'm hoping to visit AU over New Years, but I can't be an organizer for any plans. The chance that I'll be moving to California then is too high.

I do know what I'm doing for [ profile] selphish's x-mas meme now. Unfortunately, got focused on one of her listed pairings, so it's basically going to be a three piece single fanart.... haha... hah... -_-;; I've got sketches started.

EDIT: Made the schedule more bearable to look at.

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