Aug. 4th, 2010 02:19 pm
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I know nobody cares except us, but the plot is thickening with the Book of Air RP I'm in, and it's a lot of fun. I just wanted to share that.

Book Of Air Poster Flats

Recent Book of Air Art )

Onto something more of you will care about...

Cosplay Etc )

I think I'm going to take a cosplay props break tonight to read, participate in the RP (it's my turn next), and hopefully get a sketch or two online.


Upcoming events?
- Bianca's going away party on Thursday night, which honestly, I probably won't make. I've been burning the candle at both ends lately.
- Anime Conji Artist Alley/Dealer's Hall organizer one-on-one get our paperwork hashed out meeting (probably this weekend sometime).
- Anime Conji general staff meeting. Aug 15th, 3pm. (Someone wanting to be my AA minion assistant may be coming. Likely she'll be minion for both Barrie and I.)
- Mom & Richard visit in San Diego, Aug 22.
- My SoCali cosplay crew girls-day-out at DisneyLand, Sat. Aug 28.
- Fly out for D*Con, Weds Sept 1st 10:10pm--arrive ATL, Sept 2 11:52am.
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A bunch of dorks. Making Twitter fun for all. Also, hints of the reason why I'm not allowed to do tabletop RPGs: I kill the games. (P.S. Almost everywhere EXCEPT LJ, I'm known as ElfGrove.)

[ profile] fastbilly1: You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here.
[ profile] pyro_ike: @fastbilly1 >check mailbox
[ profile] lycorne: @fastbilly1 Go in the house! THE MAIL CAN WAIT, MAN! It's all boarded-up and suspicious!
[ profile] fastbilly1: @PyroIke the small mailbox is closed
[ profile] fastbilly1: @ElfGrove I do not understand your command
[ profile] pyro_ike: @fastbilly1 >Open small mailbox
[ profile] fastbilly1: @PyroIke Opening the small mailbox reveals a leaflet.
[ profile] lycorne: @fastbilly1 Boo. Computer Boo.
[ profile] pyro_ike: @fastbilly1 >take leaflet
[ profile] lycorne: @fastbilly1 @PyroIke It is dark inside the mailbox. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.
[ profile] pyro_ike: @ElfGrove :O Not a Grue!
[ profile] fastbilly1: @ElfGrove @PyroIke ok Becky wins. Now you will never know what the leaflet said.
[ profile] lycorne: @fastbilly1 I'm kidding. :) > Read leaflet.
[ profile] lycorne: @fastbilly1 Besides, we all know the Grues are inside the house.
[ profile] fastbilly1: @ElfGrove @pyroike you two are too much, I started laughing out loud and none of my coworkers could understand why.
[ profile] fastbilly1: Off to ship a box from Japan to North Carolina... GO postal mishaps!
[ profile] pyro_ike: @fastbilly1 Haha, glad to help!
[ profile] lycorne: @fastbilly1 This leaflet confuses me. ;)
[ profile] fastbilly1: @ElfGrove ask me about loom
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I'm pretty certain most of my friends here are Liberal --at least socially.
Personally, I'm pretty socially Liberal, but economically Conservative.

So I'm curious what are everyone's thoughts on the #teaparty events happening today?

All comments are being screened. This is to
a) Cut down on potential trolls since this is a public post. I do encourage linking other people here, because real discourse is a good thing.
b) To allow me and everyone chatting it up here to ignore any comments that degrade to personal attacks or cursing. You have a vocabulary, use it.

I am also asking for opinions via twitter, I'll post those responses here later tonight.
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Automatic lj-cuts
One of the most common complaints we get is that even your best friends don't do you the courtesy of using the lj-cut on long entries. We consulted with a cutting-edge market research firm and concluded that no one really wants to read more than 140 characters about what their friends are doing. And with our new automatic lj-cut, you won't have to! From now on, all those wordy entries on your Friends Page will automatically be cut at the 140-character sweet spot.

Friends Page redesign project from [ profile] news

Bzzt. Bad timing LJ.
April Fool's Day isn't for another 4 hours yet over in the US, y'know?

I'd give them more slack, but their own post is timestamped as being posted at 7pm on March 31st. They could've at least artificially dated it to be on the 1st.

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