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Or to practice my writing skills maybe.
I'll use "__" for paragraph indentions... 'Cause I'm too lazy to bother with anything else.

Pages 000 - 006

Chapter 1:
Visions Of The Past

http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/d/20010630.html - Chapter Cover (Page 000)

http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/d/20010703.html - Page 001

__Her eyes were closed. That was all she knew at first. There was nothing else. No sound, no thought, just the darkness behind her eyelids.
__A sound broke it. Like a crack of lightning through the darkness. It was nearly deafening next to the previous silence. Her eyes shot open, wide and searching for the disturbance. This was her silence, nothing should break it...
__The sound came again, not so deafening this time. A footstep. Her eyes followed the noise across the black horizon. Everything was black, except the ground, it was like hard-packed sand with a few pebbles, all bleached to stark white. The sound's source stood not ten feet from her. At the bottom hem of a cloak, she saw the soft leather boots that had begun this. Following them up, staring at their owner. A full head taller, and wrapped in a pale-colored cloak that blew and shifted in a new-born wind. Somehow, he was disturbing her silence, bringing in things that should not be there. Again she looked at him, trying to fing the face concealed in the cloak, and seeing only shadows. He looked graceful in this place, and somehow beautiful, despite being so concealed. He made her feel ill-fit to her body, ugly and out of place. As though she were the one intruding.

http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/d/20010707.html - Page 002

__Her voice cracked uncomfortably as she broke the silence again, "Who are you?"
__A delicately fingered hand reached up to the edge of the hood, and pulled it back in answer. Long black hair flowed out into the wind, and resettled to frame the pale, triangular face. His dark purple eyes caught her own, and her heart stopped. Once again, she felt as though she were in the wrong somehow. He seemed to be searching inside her. Asking her who he was, who she was, searching her for the knowledge of what everything was.
__And then it stopped. He slowly closed his eyes and bowed his head gracefully in her direction. "I am Dercesthai*. Guardian of the Four." His voice made it sound as if that should tell her everything. Who he was, who she was, how and why he was there, why anything was at all.
__It made her feel guilty to not know.

Dercesthai - pronounced (derse-sthai) - is the ancient greek word that eventually evolved to today's "dragon"; it literally means "all-seeing one".

http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/d/20010710.html - Page 003

__The wind came again, billowing his cloak and breaking her trance-like revery with his face, as he looked up again.
__He wore pale tans and browns, with gold edging on the long sleeved top beneath the cloak. It seemed to be a cross between a Chinese kung fu uniform and a Japanese boy's school uniform out of an anime, and the cloak was made strangely, seeming to be based out of anime as well. Perhaps she shouldn't watch so much, it seemed to be affecting her mind... And he had pointed ears, unmistakably so. The tips were just barely above the top of his head. An elf. By the gods, it was an elf.
__Suddenly she realized how quiet it was again and she recalled how he seemed to expect her to understand that last statement. Dercestahi was his name, she understood that much, but the rest... "The Four? What does that have to do with me?"
__His head bowed again, and he slowly put his hand over his mouth, and furrowed his brow in thought. She doesn't remember?
__Her face had been honestly confused as she had asked it. He recalled her in her youth, the last time he had visited her in this place. She was five, maybe seven years old, but her eyes had seemed to be older, wiser. She had seemed to... His mind raced. But when she was small... Her face was so serious. As though she understood the gravity of who she is. But now... He looked up at her face again. There was confusion there, and a seriousness and age beyond years like what he recalled... Perhaps some part of her still knows? It would be blocked. Her knowledge. Perhaps... He just had to help her remember.
__His hand fell to his side. He wasn't sure how to begin. Best to hint at it. "Of the Four, I expected at least you would remember."
__He voice was soft, almost hurt... But, she honestly didn't know. She was so used to trying to protect people, she hated to think that she had hurt him. She looked down guiltily.

http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/d/20010714.html - Page 004

__She searched her mind desperately, wanting to give something that would fix that hurt in his voice... Remember? What is there to remember?
__She couldn't bear to look at him as she came up emptyhanded. "I don't understand. I haven't forgotten anything." She could almost feel the blow that must be to him. She added tentavely, "Have I?"
__His voice was stronger now. Was it encouraged, or was it more like... Like he was trying to force something on her? "Please. Try to remember. Me, the Four, Battle."
__The last word struck a chord somewhere inside of her. "Battle?" She half whispered. "Why do I feel as though I know that so well?"
__It echoed in her, and suddenly hit her full on, like a spell finding it's mark. Too well... Her mind lamented sadly as her vision faded into something else...
__Before her stood a man with brownish gray skin, unreal looking... A messy mop of light brown hair fell around his face, shadowing his features in darkness. He wore a pale brown-green shirt with a light-colored leather jerkin over it, and pants the same color as his hair. He was tall and lanky, and felt inhuman somehow. One long bony arm came down, a bronze longsword tracing a path straight towards her...
_Her arm came up to block, a silver leaf-style blade stopping his. She stepped back as his momentum drove both blades downwards anyways. But... This wasn't her. Her mind stepped out of the body and she watched. Wearing a long black coat, the girl who was and was not her blocked and parried, testing the defenses of her opponent. An elf again. With pale blue skin and saphire colored hair, a bit longer than hers. Block. Parry. Block. Lunge.
__At last a hole in the man's defense came, and she was looking through this other girl's eyes again. Staring up into his face as the killing blow sliced through him. And in the dark shadows that his his eyes, she saw... nothing. The skin smothed over where eyes should have been. The long face held a nose and mouth, but only a general shape of a face beyond that, like some terrible mask. The blood flew from the wound. The fatal wound she knew suddenly. She wasn't a murderer, how could she have... Her mind voice screamed defiance, NO!. Blood ran down the blade she held, and she stared in shock at the blood on her hand.
__"No." Her voice was barely above a whisper as she found words again. Her vision returned and she felt sweat poor down her face. She looked up at Dercesthai again. Her voice strained, breaking, "These images... I don't want them... It can't be... It isn't me..."

http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/d/20010717.html - Page 005

__Her vision blurred again as she focused on that last vision. It seemed so... impossible. She brought her hands up into veiw, shaking. Her muscles tensed into odd positions as she saw them... Blood ...on my hands... have I... killed?
__Everything went blank. She couldn't think clearly. She stumbled back a couple of paces then crumpled, and fell the the hard ground. Her wide eyes stared blindly forward, and her hands hung limp on either side of her body. And her mind tried to swallow this... Make sense of it... Could that thing truly be me? What am I?
__She narrowed her eyes as she remembered... It had felt like a spell when the vision began. It was not... No. It's not real. He put those pictures in my mind. I'm human... A normal human... She was determined to hang onto that idea.

http://legendoffour.keenspace.com/d/20010723.html - Page 006

__She pushed herself up. Managing to stand again. Her voise was still strained, but she spoke with determination. "I don't know who you are, or what you want from me, but you have the wrong person." That's right, she thought. How dare he? "I am not whatever you put images of in my head." Her mind voice chanted the mantra, I'm a normal human. "Leave me alone." She wanted her silence back. Now. Untainted. Undisturbed. Not colored by blood.
__She felt messy, dirty. And his graceful beauty... looked ruffled. He looked surprised, disturbed, maybe a little hurt. His voice was calm but tinged with the same sorrow from earlier, "I see. I did not mean to cause you pain. I'm sorry." He began to look a litlle less ruffled as he bowed gracefully to her as he took a single step backwards. "I shall leave now."
__There was a crackle of light that engulfed him, then in a delicate line of energy that resembled lightning, flew away, sparkling with power. He was gone. The darkness, and her silence had been returned.
__She looked out at the comforting darkness, even as a knot formed in her stomach. "He's gone. Good." The knot in her stomach twisted uncomfortably. "So why do I feel like I just did something extremely stupid?" She asked the empty air around her.
__She opened her eyes, and twisted in the comfortable warmth. "Huh?" Her bed. She was in her bed. Just A dream... That was comforting.

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