Aug. 4th, 2010 02:19 pm
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I know nobody cares except us, but the plot is thickening with the Book of Air RP I'm in, and it's a lot of fun. I just wanted to share that.

Book Of Air Poster Flats

ATLA OC: Random Chibis
by =elfgrove on deviantART

These last three only just recently were shaded in their entirety.

ATLA OC: Ru Icons
by =elfgrove on deviantART

Book Of Air avatar set 1
by =elfgrove on deviantART

Book Of Air avatar set 2
by =elfgrove on deviantART

Onto something more of you will care about...

Yesterday was kind of crazy cosplay-wise.
1.) A lot of people on Twitter thought I was cosplaying from Dune because I posted pictures of the two pairs of Maker Hooks/Worm Sticks in progress for Lane & Tarl the night before. Ironically, I've never actually read or watched Dune in any of it's incarnations, so the Google machine was in full swing as about 5 people kicked off my morning by throwing Dune references at me and squeeing over my upcoming Dune costume. Haha. Oops.
2.) Random kid noted me on DA about how to do the Dia wig.
3.) I was asked for advice on painting body suits for cosplay, which I've never done.
4.) I noticed people much better at costuming than I am started following me on Twitter and DA recently. O_o HUR? I don't even know. I mean, the super-good cosplayers on LJ friend me because they know me from college. I don't understand what these perfect strangers are looking at.

Last night I got the base for the Blue Spirit mask done. It is drying at home.
Pic was taken last night, while still wet. I'm taking some minor liberties with the mask, and will be incorporating some design elements from the movie mask. (The movie may have been shit, but the costumes and sets were gorgeous.) I'm having fun with figuring ways to add some complexity to the basic mask design.

Mask versions:

I think I'm going to take a cosplay props break tonight to read, participate in the RP (it's my turn next), and hopefully get a sketch or two online.


Upcoming events?
- Bianca's going away party on Thursday night, which honestly, I probably won't make. I've been burning the candle at both ends lately.
- Anime Conji Artist Alley/Dealer's Hall organizer one-on-one get our paperwork hashed out meeting (probably this weekend sometime).
- Anime Conji general staff meeting. Aug 15th, 3pm. (Someone wanting to be my AA minion assistant may be coming. Likely she'll be minion for both Barrie and I.)
- Mom & Richard visit in San Diego, Aug 22.
- My SoCali cosplay crew girls-day-out at DisneyLand, Sat. Aug 28.
- Fly out for D*Con, Weds Sept 1st 10:10pm--arrive ATL, Sept 2 11:52am.
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