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I'm writing all the names on papers right now and throwing them in a green leprechaun-type hat (I have it from St. Patrick's day, I'm not THAT weird.) I'll start pulling names in a few minutes.
51 participants.

EDIT: Okay! All of the name match-ups are done. I'm sending out assignment notices via DA Notes or LJ Private Messages. Whatever way works, but I'm trying it with LJ-PMs first.

Your LiveJournal Private Message inbox should be located here Give me a day or two to ship all of the assignments out. It's gonna take me a bit. There are 51 notices to send.

Asatira, Coppelia, if you can give me a hand on this part, I'll email you part of the match-up list and the draft form letter I'm using to notify assignments. You two should each already have your assignments in your LJ inboxes.

EDIT2: Also...
Cosplayers? Larpers? LAWL.
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So, who's ever heard of 24 Hour Comic Day?
The concept, basically, is that over the course of a 24-hour period you create a 24 page comic. every year there is an official 24 Hour Comic Book day even. And on the official day, there are official sites all around the country that host a space for people to go sit and do this. Many a less than sane web comicker has done it, and a few pros.

I've been meaning to do this for years. And this year, I'm signed up to do exactly that. I'll be in a comic shop called ComicKaze from Noon on Saturday to Noon on Sunday. Heh Heh. See, stupid. Michelle said she's doing it this year too, but from the safety of her townhouse. I will probably call on speaker phone at random points purely to raz her/encourage her/amuse my sleep-deprived mind. Hell, I encourage my friends to do the same to me. Come by if you're in San Diego even.

I was seriously thinking I'd pre-write my script. But that's cheating... and wrong or something. But I do want at least have a concept or two before-I walk in the door. So um, please give me suggestions?

Site info:
Comic Books and More
5517A Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA

October 7th-8th, 2006
Start/End Time is 12 noon

Yes, the last two LJ entries have been public. For the sake of sharing info.
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.... Where can one find quotes regarding faeries, elves, or similar?
I'm thinking classical type (at least sounding) quotes.
If you know any offhand... I'd appreciate the help.

*returns to searching*

EDIT: Quotes and etc. located, aside from in the comments...
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So Murphy's in bad shape it seems... I don't know what to say. I love that cat. I just keep hoping... It's not as bad as it seems, that he'll be okay. But... I dunno. I'm worried. To say the least. I can't even imagine how Bobby's dealing. It's his cat. But apparently, he wasn't moving this morning. Mom called me at work. To my knowledge, Murph's at the vet right now.

Lots going on this month.
I don't have a moment to pause.

I also need to do comics(throughout), Christmas shopping, find a new home for Morgan (looking so hopeless), possibly move to CA, write Tsubasa & Mullein short.

Week by Week... )

To bother people...
Ashley, Six Lefts pages?
Bobby, Christmas list?
And errr. Dragon*Con money guys. It's probably gonna have to be mailed to me. Sorry.
D*Con List )

Meh. I'm hoping to visit AU over New Years, but I can't be an organizer for any plans. The chance that I'll be moving to California then is too high.

I do know what I'm doing for [livejournal.com profile] selphish's x-mas meme now. Unfortunately, got focused on one of her listed pairings, so it's basically going to be a three piece single fanart.... haha... hah... -_-;; I've got sketches started.

EDIT: Made the schedule more bearable to look at.
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Or to practice my writing skills maybe.
I'll use "__" for paragraph indentions... 'Cause I'm too lazy to bother with anything else.

Pages 000 - 006

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i haven't been able to acess LJ for a while, so... sorry i dissapeared.

Not much is going on. I'm moving to Auburn not this friday but next. So that should be odd. *sigh* My brother starts back at school tomorrow. Jenni's coming over to hang out tomorrow. I should be hanging out with Rob friday... I'm car-less. It's getting a paint job. It'll be blue.
Page 10 of my comic went up today. http://legendoffour.keenspace.com

I saw the weirdest lightining the other day. It flashed to fill up the entire sky, then pulled in on itsself to form a ball, then dissapeared. This happened at least twice. It gave off some really odd energy. And I gathered a good bit of it.
I used it to make two astral pendants a day or two later. One is a flat circle of translucent white stone, like moonstone,with a carving of a cloud and lightning on it, and the other is a dragon of the same material. As I formed them I kept reffering to the energy as being the "ancient magic" in my head, but couldn't define what that meant. I'm giving the lightning pendant to Jenni.
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I've been told I ought to update this blasted thing, but I don't know what to say. No offense Dusty-kun, but I hope I'm not moving towards where you are emotionally right now. I can't really afford the side effects with all that's been going on, you know what I mean about side effects, we discussed it briefly yesterday.

Any ways. I should write something intelligent, or insightful, but given the lack of that at the moment here's something of a general update.
I'm moving into an apartment at Neil House in Auburn Aug.10th. That is not a whole lot of time left to be spent here. Saturday my parental units and I are going to be shopping for stuff like pots and pans for my apartment since I never had any at the dorms.
On my comic, I have 17 pages drawn and 14 lettered and ready to post; unfortunately not in order, I need to finish the color panels for pages 12, 13, and 14. I'm glad to be ahead of myself on that though. Page 17 is the entrance of Aaron and makes it safe to say that everyone from dojo should be making their appearance in the next 5 pages or so. If anyone who reads my LJ isn't reading my WebComic, at least try to read it. http://legendoffour.keenspace.com The story is centered around two girls who start having similar dreams regarding memories of past lives. And their past seems to be coming forward to affect their future. For any otherkin, you might be interested to know that these past lives are not human incarnations.
I have dojo tonight, so I'm taking my camera with me to finish off the roll I started in Gatlinburg. Teddy Bear pictures! heh. I really want to see if the bears came out.
Aaron came over yesterday. He was borrowing a tai chi sword for use in his senior portraits he's taking today, and he also got to look through the majority of our sword collection. He absolutely adored my new tai chi, but since it's not very bright and shiny appearance wise he opted to use the older one for pictures. It looks just like the sword from Disney's Mulan, but trust me, the sword is much older than the movie.

Well. Looks like I actually managed to write something. Now go read my comic. Please?
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I'm very very happy! *smiles as she tries to prevent herself from going into third person references to herself as L-chan, again.* ^^;;

I finally got my webspace for my online comic! Whoo! Cheer for me! I'm so excited. I guess I should start lettering the pages after page 9 and actually draw some more after page 15, huh?

Hee Hee! Sooo happy!
Help me advertise!

Well, I've got some work to do! BYE!

L-chan sooooooo happy!
L-chan BIG SMILE!!!!!!
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Webcomic character sketches, but, lo and behold, no links to a webcomic can be found here! That's because I do not have my webspace with keenspace yet. I'm very excited about doing this. I have the first 15 pages drawn already. ^_^ So hopefully this'll work out good.

A preview, the first 6 pages, are here.
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I got to talk to one of my crushes from college today. I was happy to talk to him, but gods, through the entire coversation I really wished he was here so I could ask for a hug. I'm really just so upset about everything that happened with Mark in the past two weeks I just really wanted someone to hold me for a little while. I mentioned the job, but he didn't seem concerned so I didn't go into it. What I wimp I am...

Now I better hope he doesn't see this and find out that I like him. He has no clue on that... Luckily.

Jenni, the only person I have that I really feel as if I could tell her anything, is away in London until the 4th. I met her boyfriend, Aaron when I came home for the summer. He seems nice, and he and I are starting to become really good friends. Jenni truly trusts him, which if you know her really well, she doesn't give hardly anyone the level of trust she gives him, she told me i'm on that small list. I was glad to hear that, because I'm the same way and she's on my small list. After dojo yesterday we just sat outside and talked for an hour. We talked about my webcomic i'm getting ready to put on keensapce, if the account ever gets created, and weird dreams we've had over the years.
"using power or being used by power... is that not a problem of the heart...?"

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